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Breaking: Dan Choi + 5 Military Vets Arrested After Cuffing Themselves to White House Fence

Some breaking news coming in about another DADT demonstration involving the White House fence. Lt. Dan Choi, blogger and Petty Officer Autumn Sandeen, Capt. Jim Pietrangelo II, Petty Officer Larry Whitt, Cadet Mara Boyd, and Cpl. Evelyn Thomas, all in uniform, have handcuffed themselves to the White House. Police have dispersed crowd.

Crowd chanting “we deserve full equality.”

Robin McGeHee on the bullhorn.

Press Sec. Robert Gates walks through crowd, amidst shouts.

POTUS is D.C.-bound.

Tweets GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia of Choi: “Isn’t his 15 minutes up? WTF How does this help?”

All six arrested.

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