Simply Doesn't Know When To Quit

Miller Apologizes, Catholics Still Pissed

There’s simply no pleasing Bill Donohue!

Donohue and his Catholic League raised a stink last month over Miller Beer’s sponsorship of the Folsom Street Fair, which used the last supper as its advertising inspiration. Despite Donohue’s protests, Miller refused to pull its sponsorship, but did ask the fair’s organizers to pull their logo from the offending poster.

This wasn’t enough for Donohue, who upped the activist ante by sending Miller lewd pictures. Why? Because apparently he thinks some naughty pictures would shame them into apologetics. And it worked! Miller apologized. But poor Donohue still isn’t happy. Someone get this man a beer!

Donohue claims didn’t address the real problem, which apparently wasn’t the poster at all:

The poster was the least offensive part of this Catholic-bashing forum. What was even more offensive was the sight of Christian symbols being sold at this Miller-sponsored fair as sex toys. The obscene and blasphemous names of these vulgar sex toys are so disgusting that no mainstream newspaper would print them.

The only thing Miller is worried about is its logo appearing on a poster for an event it could not possibly defend. Not until it pledges not to sponsor Catholic-bashing events will the Catholic League call off its boycott and its anti-Miller PR campaign. We’re like that proverbial fly who just won’t go away.

More like the proverbial shit spewer who can’t resist poking his God-fearing nose into other people’s business.