Million Dollar Listing‘s Josh Flagg Is Coming Out

I wasn’t aware Josh Flagg, the 25-year-old real estate agent and star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, was ever “in.” But apparently the so-called “death profiteer” is coming out both on the show this season and in an upcoming book Brokering The Dream that’s released March 22. We’re going to meet his partner Colton, awww. Because it wouldn’t be a Bravo show without a polarizing homosexual.

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  • luke

    He had a girlfriend during one of the seasons, no? I somewhat thought he was gay, and was a bit surprised upon seeing that he had some kind of a relationship with a girl. For someone who seemed to be pretty up front about stuff, wouldn’t have actually expected him to be closeted and whatnot.

  • rf

    I find this show completely unwatchable. I even gave it another try with the new season. Having said that, good for him.

  • Tessie Tura

    This is not exactly a first for this show. In the first season there was one who admitted he was bi, and he talked in one episode about his girlfriend and the fact that he had the hots for his black workout trainer…..

  • Denise

    The guy is a real estate agent. Why would you believe anything he says?


    It’s a great time to buy! And sell!

  • Mark

    @rf: I’m with you on the unwatchable part. Tried and can’t. Foodnetwork should put Ina on opposite – the ratings for million dollar whatever it is would plummet!

  • Sam

    I actually like this show, but figured from the beginning he was gay. What straight guy in his early 20s goes on vacation with his grandmother?
    So now 2 out of the three agents on the show are gay.

  • One of the CA 36,000

    The guy is a real estate agent. The bigger surprise would be if he came out as STRAIGHT.

    Just sayin’.

  • Francis

    I wasn’t sure what his situation was. I just knew he was hanging out with his grandmother a lot and his life seemed to revolve around selling houses. He wasn’t really macking with the ladies at all so I didn’t know if that was because he wasn’t interested in that or he simply was gay. Anyway, congrats to him!

  • Cam

    this guy had a group of friends over in season one, and a few of them were the gay mainstays of the tabloids, so that was pretty much a giveaway.

    Honestly, if I was seling or buying in the area, he would be the one I’d go to, the one in Malibu seems to get flustered everything there is any little issue.

  • gregger

    I said the first two seasons that all three were ‘mos. Now they have the other slime bucket instead of the Queen Chad. It’s really like a train wreck. Ind of like most of Bravo’s shows.

  • Stanley

    Can we send him back?

    Seriously, Josh Flagg is kind of shady. I have met him in person before. He’s only sold a few houses in Beverly Hills & on the Westside of Los Angeles. He probably got those listings from family members or family friends in the area. And for most of his listings, the properties were co-listed with another real estate agent.

    On his personal website, he used to list at least 5 to 6 other real estate agents who he referred to as his “assistants.” I remember calling the number listed as his “receptionist” and she laughed when I asked her if I could speak with one of his “assistants.”

  • Sam

    @Gregger- unlike most of the crappy reality shows, these guys are actually making money from something other than “reality fame”. Queen Chad just had a killer listing featured in the LA Times on Sunday.

  • Cam

    His parnter’s name is “Colton”??…so which is it, out of work actor, or porn Star moonlighting as kept boy?

  • McMike

    Wow, would all you guys stop being such fags??? So what if you don’t like the show? I’ve only seen maybe a couple of positive remarks so far and this guy doesn’t need to be the target of all you jaded, pathetic homo’s. It amazes me how gay men too easily rip into those whom we should be thanking.

  • Jonathan

    @McMike: YES!

  • Roger Rabbit

    Hey, the FIRST one to come out on the show started as bi, but helped make the No H8TE campaign famous when he came out. Now this second one is coming out? And he’s a bitch queen? He’s not nearly as bad as the “str8t” guy from the first season that took his pocket puppy everywhere and shared custody with his girlfriend…

    At least we’re OUT THERE. And it’s not nearly as bitchy as the A List – LOL

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    The obvious does not need confirmation

  • Eric

    @MCMIKE you have clearly never seen this show, This guy is a disgusting person. He walks around like his shit doesn’t stink and treats everyone as if they are stepping stones. This moron decided he needed assistants to help sell a tough listing so he got twins to work as unpaid interns for him, and went around introducing them to everyone as 1 and 2 and wasnt joking, it embarresed both the girls and all the people he introduced them to. He is an awful person and deserves every negative thing thats been said about him in these comments.

  • Latebrosus


  • fredo777

    I always thought Josh was cute + kind of just assumed he was gay b/c he pinged my gaydar. Good for you, Josh, on coming out. Much success.

  • Eminent Victorian

    I think he’s funny, but he’s also tacky as hell. And without the mental-health-issues counterpoint of idiot Chad, this show really is unwatchable anymore.

  • Lisa

    We love this show and have from the first episode. josh F. has always been our favorite and we’re glad he’ll be OUT in future episodes. Hope they include his partner as well…….Although I wouldn’t have minded seeing him and Madison get together. That would have been pretty HOT!

  • Danny

    Well good, anything to encourage others to come out and live authentically – no other act can help more to advance equality for everyone.

  • Lisa

    @Sean….Thank you for posting the link w/ Josh and his boyfriend. And you’re absolutely right Danny. Any advancement in giving more equality to LGBT people is the goal!

  • Uppity1

    Oh to have a gay colleague! I sell real estate in New Zealand for a company of 150 people and in my eight years in the job, I am still the only out gay person in the team. There’s never been another. So that’s the reality when you get outside the gay metropolis.

  • SLJ

    No way have I even thought JOSH was gay!!! OMG!! And Madison had trouble with it the first season….remember Lauren? I am surprised, very much so, by Josh.

  • Sam

    wait..wait…wait…hold the press….you’re telling me that FLAGG is a FAG

  • kathy

    josh is so darn cute. gay, straight, bi …whatever i’d do him. chad and his beetles haircut are just plain awful. he’s the one that looks and acts gay and yet he has a girlfriend. madison i believe it bi and boy is he cute too. the new guy, don’t know his name, is unattractive and miserable — in looks and attitude. who’d buy a house from that slimeball?

  • Barack OHomo

    Josh give the best deep=throat blow jobs. I drinks all the cum load and never uses a condom. Which is fine cause all us proud homos prefer dying of AIDS.

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