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Milo Yiannopoulos is now selling statues of the Virgin Mary online

Milo Yiannopoulos co-hosts the first episode of his 'Shop Show With Milo'
Milo Yiannopoulos (right) co-hosts the first episode of his ‘Shop Show With Milo’ (Photo: YouTube)

Former journalist Milo Yiannopoulos is turning to increasingly random (some would say diminishing), attempts to keep himself in the public eye.

After claiming he’s now “ex-gay” , the alt-right commentator’s latest venture was picked up by Right Wing Watch. He’s selling merchandise on the YouTube shopping channel for the stridently anti-LGBTQ organization, Church Militant.

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The first episode of Milo’s new ‘Shop Show’ hit YouTube on the weekend. In it, Milo and his co-host are flogging a statue of the Virgin Mary, among other religious items.

The 12-inch statue is available in a bronze or silver finish, although a quick glance at the Church Militant store confirms it’s actually plastic (“cold-cast bronze is a colored polyresin with a metallic color, luster and sheen.”).

Watch a clip below.

Milo’s latest project prompted plenty of online comments. On YouTube, one viewer said the fallen hack is “a couple of years from selling oranges on an interstate off-ramp.”

“I love that blonde dyed mullet was the hairstyle Milo chose to convince people he was straight,” said another.

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As bizarre as the video is, Milo may have found himself a welcoming home at Church Militant. The news platform has been described as a leading light of the “Catholic alt-right” movement.

In 2016, its founder, Michael Voris, also revealed that for much of his 30s, he “lived a life of live-in relationships with homosexual men.” In other words, like Milo, he’s another so-called “ex-gay”.

Church Militant’s stance is extremist in matters of faith and it often criticizes voices in the Catholic church that say anything even vaguely pro-LGBTQ. Operating as a 501(c)(3) organization out of Michigan, it was formerly called Real Catholic TV. However, it changed its name in 2012 after the Archdiocese of Detroit barred it from using the term ‘Catholic’ to promote its activities.

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