(Mincing) Words…

“I’m never worried if anybody’s gay. What I don’t like on the dance show, to be frank, is effeminate boys that mince around the stage. I don’t care if they’re gay or straight. That’s got nothing to do with it for me.” So said So You Think You Can Dance judge Nygel Lythgoe when asked his opinion on queer contestants. [AfterElton]

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  • Darth Paul

    Mince around on stage? Isn’t that what dancing is?

  • Brandon

    i think what she is trying to say is that she doesnt care if the contestants are gay, but when they are dancing they should dance like men. i know that on Bravos dancing show that issue came up with miguel.

  • GranDiva

    How do men dance?

  • Tom

    Its a dancing contest for crissakes! But what else would you expect a big ol’ bottom queen to say? He should be removed as a judge if he cannot drop his bias against “effeminate boys.”

  • Rowen

    What are you calling a bias? If these boys plan on having careers as dancers, they need to butch it up. Few people are going to pay for tickets to see a Romeo and Juliet ballet where Romeo is more of a girl then Juliet is. It’s an issue for chorus boy fags too. If you gotta look and act like the boy next door, well, in most cases, that boy doesn’t have a lisp and a handbag.

  • Jai

    I’m sorry, I’m laughing hard at Rowen’s comment. Too friggin’ funny. A dancer butching it up? A herd of elephants couldn’t make most of those male dancers look butch.

    That being said, so what if there are effeminate male dancers? Why is being feminine so horrible whether if you’re gay or straight? Being feminine does not equal being weak. You can be a big ol’ manly man all you want, and still be pathetic and cowardly at the same time.

  • Timothy

    I think I know what he’s saying. Dance, especially on competitions that include different styles, is specific. Arms extend a certain way, toes point, etc. Men are called to move differently than women.

    And I’ve seen them lavish praise on queeny boys who dance the appropriate masculine way. He doesn’t care if they are effiminate, as long as the men dance strong and masculine. Last year’s runner up (who should have won – he was by far the best) was openly gay.

    And it’s pretty clear that some of the boys this year are gay as well. Some seem to be flaming queens. But if they get on stage and move the way they should, they get praise and votes. (Incidentally the boys this year are astonishing to watch and the girls are just not all that impressive).

    Personally, I prefer my guys a bit femme. But if the choreography calls for the guy to be strong, I want to see masculine. And if the choreography calls for passion, I want to see fire on stage even if the dancers sat up last night giggling together and doing their nails.

  • Carlos Mendez

    sorry, but the truth is that masculine guys are more appealing to mainstream America.

  • ChristopherM

    Anyone who spells his name “Nygel” has nerve questioning anyone’s masculinity.

  • David@GentsCanineSociety

    Nygel is upset that everyone thinks he is gay.
    It’s the same self hating homophobia we always see.

  • Rowen

    In the end, Nygel knows who’s going to support these dancers. Dancers might be queeny, but a lot of the people watching the music videos, broadway shows, and ballets are a lot more conservative then you’d think.

  • No 4

    feminine DOES equal weak. I have NEVER seen a feminine boy take out a football player…unless he’s on his kness taking care of said footbal player. It the way of nature. I personally CANT stand feminine men. It’s like they rub it in your face on purpose when they can see you are uncomfortable with it.

  • jack

    dear god, who let the self haters in?? where is a pointy toed ballet dancer who know capoeira to kick their knuckle dragging asses to kingdom come when you need one.


  • greybat

    No.3…Forward, and in flats! (To paraphrase Ginger Rodgers.)

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