They're Here, They're Queer, They're Ignored

Mind The Gay Athletes

Gay folk are always calling for “straight” athletes to come out of the closet. Though rare, a few athletes have come out, like John Amaechi. Amaechi, however, followed a common path: revealing his true identity only after reaching retirement.

Yeah, it would be super if some quarterback or short stop or whatever came out as a cocksucker, but ESPN’s LZ Granderson doesn’t think you should hold your breath:

Many of us are so obsessed with closeted athletes and their possible effect on sports that we ignore the gay athletes who are already out and creating change.

Too quickly we dismiss the thousands of openly gay men and women who participate in rec leagues…every weekend, interacting with folks who may not have been around gay people before.

It seems to us that gay folk pay these jocko-homos no mind because they don’t fulfill the straight-worshiping some find integral to their love of sports. We know plenty of people who want only the fantasy, not the fag.

This isn’t true for all gay sports fans, but we’ve encountered more than a couple. And, quite frankly, it’s depressing.