Violent Night

Minneapolis Man Brutally Attacked In Possible Hate Crime

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A 30-year-old Minnesota man is recovering from a brutal beating at the hands of an unknown assailant, and some think that the attack shows the signs of being a hate crime.

Fox9 in Minneapolis-St. Paul is reporting that the victim was attacked shortly after leaving the eagleBOLTbar, described by its website as “The Premier Masculine Mens Bar” of the area.

Jeremy (Fox9 is withholding his last name) suffered lost teeth, bruises on his body and a partially severed tongue which was thankfully able to be reattached. He is now recuperating with his jaw wired shut.

The investigation into the attack is being hindered by the fact that he can’t remember what happened after he left the bar. Friend of the victim Jason Little spoke with Fox9, and openly wonders about the possibility of the attack being a hate crime.

“Hopefully, with the story on the news, we’ll get more information if someone saw something — but of course, there’s a lot of violence toward members of the LGBT community, and that’s something we’re thinking about. Could it be related?”

Local LGBT advocacy group OutFront Minnesota realizes that possibility as well, and told Fox9 that they are monitoring the situation closely.

A fund has been created to help Jeremy with his medical expenses, and it’s currently nearing the $10k mark.

Even in an era of unprecedented support for the LGBT community, don’t forget that the haters are still out there, and take care to protect yourselves and each other.