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Minneapolis gay bar joins the city’s hunky mayor in trolling Trump

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are scheduled to hold a joint MAGA rally in Minneapolis tonight, but it’s looking like there will be more anti-Trump protestors than actual attendees. Among those opposing Trump’s visit are the city’s mayor, Jacob Frey, and one of it’s most iconic gay bars.

Quick backstory: Earlier this week, Trump and Frey got into a Twitter spat when the mayor’s office politely asked Trump’s campaign to pay its $500,000 security tab upfront.

Given the campaign’s long track record of not reimbursing American cities for stuff like police officers, traffic cops, crowd control, and all that other stuff that’s needed whenever politicians, especially the President and Vice President of the United States, come to town on a reelection effort, Frey’s request for the money ahead of time was not unreasonable.

Nevertheless, Trump wasn’t happy about it. He took to Twitter to call Frey a “lightweight mayor,” to which Frey responded: “Yawn… Welcome to Minneapolis where we pay our bills, we govern with integrity, and we love all of our neighbors.”

When Trump fired back by calling Frey a radical leftist whose $500,000 security tab was “probably illegal,” Frey replied: “Someone tell the President of the United States that he can afford to help pay for the extra time our officers will be putting in while he’s in town.”

Now, with Trump’s hate rally mere hours away, one of the city’s most iconic gay bars is joining Mayor Frey in opposing the moneygrubbing president.

The Saloon, a popular downtown gay nightclub, is displaying an inflatable, 20-foot “Baby Trump” balloon on its rooftop only a couple of blocks away from Target Center, where the rally is being held.

“Baby Trump” went up yesterday and will remain on full display until Trump has finally boarded Air Force One and left the area, when it will be deflated and shipped off to the next city that needs it.

Local media outlets report that Downtown Minneapolis is set to be jam-packed with anti-Trump protestors.

The Minneapolis Police Department (who, remember, Trump doesn’t want to pay) said it has ramped up its downtown presence to make sure things don’t get out of control.

“We’ve cancelled days off, we’ve cancelled vacation days,” MPD Spokesperson John Elder said. “It will be an all hands on deck event.”

Trump claims over 92,000 people are coming to the rally. Given his penchant for lying, this seems doubtful. Especially since the venue only holds 19,000.

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