WATCH: Minnesota’s Rocking The Marriage-Equality Fight


The campaign to stop an anti-gay Constitutional Amendment in Minnesota is ramping up its intensity, and we’re still months away from Election Day.

Check out this media montage they just released, summarizing the last month-and-a-half of action: Support from General Mills and Reuters, the largest field operation ever held at Pride, hundreds of volunteers and eight headquarters, a press conference with over a hundred religious leaders who oppose the amendment, and 24,000 donors.


And that’s just the past six weeks: In the six-week chunk prior, we saw rallies at the Minnesota State Capitol, adorable lesbians, bustling volunteer banks, pro-equality Republicans and support from Governor Mark Dayton and the Lutherans. Whew again.

But despite all this action, polls are still close: a June survey from Public Policy Polling shows 43% support the amendment, while 49% oppose. Yikes.

We’ve seen this show before, with a close race and a narrow lead that suddenly evaporates when the bad guys start running late-in-the-game ads about how the gays are coming to indoctrinate kids. Will Minnesota be able to diffuse that fear-mongering? We’ll see. For now, we’re not finding anything on their site that addresses the “protect our children” canard.

If you havent gotten involved yet in Minnesota, now would be an excellent time to donate or volunteer—or just give ’em a like on the Facebooks.