Minnesota Marriage-Equality Campaign Is Still $31,294 In The Hole

Minnesota United for all Families won a seemingly-impossible battle this November, blocking a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in the Gopher State.

But it wasn’t cheap.

And now, with the end of one year upon us and another beginning, they sure could use some cash.

How much? “We must raise just $31,294 before midnight on New Year’s Eve,” the group reveals in a fundraising email.

Why would before New Year’s? Tax reasons, probably, although we’re sure they wouldn’t say no to donations in 2013 as well. After all, the work in Minnesota is far from over: Democrats regained control of the Legislature in the last election, and they’re expecting a bill to finally legalize marriage in the state.

If you thought the campaign to block the amendment was expensive, just wait ’til you see all the lobbying and campaigning necessary to pass a marriage bill. The last place MUfaF wants to start that work is deep in the red, which is why they need to put their campaign debt to bed.

Go on and chip in a few bucks — the Land of Lakes thanks you!

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