Minnesota Police Finally Catch Wheelchair-Bound Man Vandalizing Pro-Gay Church

wcguy3Police in Maple Grove, Minnesota have finally caught the culprit responsible for vandalizing a local pro-gay church on multiple occasions.

According to police reports, the Pilgrims United Church of Christ had been etched with anti-gay graffiti four times since early June, shortly after the state’s legalization of same-sex marriage. The church, which has always been a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage, was vandalized with Bible verses on one occasion, and pelted with eggs on another.

On July 26, authorities placed surveillance cameras outside the church in preparation for another attack.

Two days later, the cameras captured footage of 45-year-old wheelchair-bound local Lonny Lloyd Roseland using crayons and eggs to vandalize the church once more.

A quick sweep of the neighborhood led police to Roseland, who was later charged with misdemeanor counts of third-degree damage to property and disorderly conduct. He told local CBS affiliate WCCO that “any church that recognizes gays can be married in the eyes of God is not a church but a cult.”

Wonder what he thinks of Catholics?

[Image: CBS]

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  • Stache1

    Dude must have allot of time on his hands.

  • mattsy

    someone needs to push that putz down a hill-Nelly Olsen-style!!

  • MK Ultra

    Yeah, just ignore all the stuff in Leviticus about God hating the physically disabled. Only the gay verse counts. Except with all the wins for gay rights in the past little while, doesn’t seem like “God” hates the gays as much as some angry, bitter, little people want to believe.

  • 2eo

    Look what your god did to you crippled fucktard. I hope every day is a struggle until everyone leaves you due to the burden you are and the weight you are to them.

  • ted72

    @2eo: Initially, I laughed. Then I said to myself, that’s just over the top mean. Even silently I agree with you – shhh… :)

  • Dixie Rect

    I bet some cable network gives this guy a reality show. Believe it.

  • hf2hvit

    @Dixie Rect: Hopefully, they’ll show him in a pen filled with hungry wild boars.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Historically disabled people weren’t allowed in churches because the bible forbids anyone with any defect from approaching the altar. How sad he discriminates using the same book.

  • Geoff B

    @2eo: Preach it. I hope someone rolls him in front of a bus with bad brakes.

  • tookietookie

    There was no need to bring up his handicap in any criticism of his behavior. His vandalism and sad p.o.v. was the issue and enough on its own. It’s pettiness of spirit that you’d attack his condition, it was truly beside the point.

  • yaoming

    Isn’t any Christian church a cult… of the Christ? So what is this guy talking about? Does he think there’s a Christian church that isn’t a cult?

  • erasure25

    The guy should lose any tax-payer funded disability checks. We should not have to pay for criminals’ lifestyle choices.

  • 2eo

    @tookietookie: No, it really isn’t beside the point at all. The bible is ambiguous at best about homosexuality and it is very clear that disabled people are defective and should be executed.

  • Chris-MI

    The Bible does not say that disabled people should be executed. If I missed it, let me know. In general the attitude is that God makes people disabled because he hates them and that if you get Jesus to forgive whatever sin put you in a wheelchair you’ll get better. As far as being gay, I agree, everything that’s in there is in cultural contexts so completely foreign to us that we don’t even know what the words being used mean.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Lloyd is so anti-gay because he’s convinced that God will help him if he’s hostile enough towards gays. It’s kind of sad really. He’d be better off skipping church so he can spend more time in physical therapy.

  • RSun

    You would think that anyone outside the “norm” would be more tolerant and accepting of others.
    I also hope he rolls in front of a bus with bad brakes. Not because he is handicapped, but because he is an ass.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    hate on wheels

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