Minnesota Police Finally Catch Wheelchair-Bound Man Vandalizing Pro-Gay Church

wcguy3Police in Maple Grove, Minnesota have finally caught the culprit responsible for vandalizing a local pro-gay church on multiple occasions.

According to police reports, the Pilgrims United Church of Christ had been etched with anti-gay graffiti four times since early June, shortly after the state’s legalization of same-sex marriage. The church, which has always been a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage, was vandalized with Bible verses on one occasion, and pelted with eggs on another.

On July 26, authorities placed surveillance cameras outside the church in preparation for another attack.

Two days later, the cameras captured footage of 45-year-old wheelchair-bound local Lonny Lloyd Roseland using crayons and eggs to vandalize the church once more.

A quick sweep of the neighborhood led police to Roseland, who was later charged with misdemeanor counts of third-degree damage to property and disorderly conduct. He told local CBS affiliate WCCO that “any church that recognizes gays can be married in the eyes of God is not a church but a cult.”

Wonder what he thinks of Catholics?

[Image: CBS]