Ban, Shman: Minnesota Boy Scouts Council Welcomes Gays

The Boy Scouts may have given a big thumbs-down to inclusion recently, but some forward-thinkers in Minnesota don’t care: “Our commitment has been to reach out to all young people and have a positive influence,” says a spokesman for the 75,000-member Northern Star Council, a regional organization that has openly welcomed gays since 2000.

For some perspective, that’s the same time Destiny’s Child released “Say My Name.” Feels like a million years ago, doesn’t it?

But that inclusive policy doesn’t cover all Minnesotans. The neighboring Twin Valley Council says that it plan to boot any homos it finds within its ranks. “We just follow national policy. We don’t try to create our own policy,”  said Paul Wilkinson, head of the Twin Valley Council. Wilkinson added that homosexuality has never really been a topic of conversation.

Gee, who’d have guessed persecuting a group is a great way to scare them into silence?

Meanwhile, one mother (who asked to stay anonymous) defended the ban: “They’re trying to protect the boys,” she explained, “making people feel comfortable when you send a boy on a trip.”

Right, because telling young boys that there’s something fundamentally wrong about them that they have to keep secret is an excellent way to make them feel comfortable.