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Minnesota’s Catholic Church Endorses Tom Emmer For Governor In Shady Mass Mailed DVD

Here’s hoping your Netflix queue isn’t clogging up your TV time, because Minnesota’s Catholic bishops are sure hoping you’ve got an hour to check our the DVD they sent out to the state’s 400,000 Catholic households.

With an anonymous million-dollar donation, Twin Cities Archbishop John Nienstedt is hoping to convince Catholics to choose the right political candidate on Tuesday based on what he thinks about gay marriage. “At best,” says Nienstedt on the DVD, “so-called ‘same-sex marriage’ is an untested social experiment, and at worst, it poses a dangerous risk with potentially far-reaching consequences.”

Not that they’ve got a total hard on for Tom Emmer or anything!

(And yes, this is the same DVD one Minneapolis-area church’s artist in residence is using to turn into a pro-marriage sculpture.)

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  • Chris

    How are these religous groups still attaining tax exempt status?
    Fucking disgusting.

  • gregger

    These pigs are tax exempt and still protecting baby rapers……….

  • Real Meat

    Why don’t we make The church of REAL common Sense and let HRC and get equal have sex with each other there.

  • Robert

    The truly tragic thing about this is that the sheeple will indeed follow the directions of these men in dresses despite it’s clear violation of, if not the letter, the intent of the law that grants their tax exempt status.
    Tax them. Tax them. Tax them!


    “it poses a dangerous risk with potentially far-reaching consequences”. Very interesting. I feel the same way about grown men fucking little boys and then having their hierarchy construct a massive coverup and deny the abuse for decades…

    These assholes must never heard the old adage about not tossing stones while on the front porch of your glass house…..

    They should immediatley lose their tax exempt status…End of story period.

  • Cung Vo

    If the church do not protect the union between man and woman, they will soon have no more baby to baptise, no more church goer, no more money intake every week.

    They try to attack continuously, LGBT are so busy to defense, do not have time to talk about child sex abuse popes.

    Vatican is an institution system which train and produce child rape priests. So pope is the top one of child rape system.

    Why in any gay rally LGBT easily forget to bring the picture of those dangerous worldwide enemies.

    I feel funny when we let the sinners criticcise the innocence. Are you afraid them?

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