Misbehaving Heir Goes For The Crotch

Mathias Guerrand-Hermès‘ wife, Valesca probably has loads of questions.

The 39-year old heir to the Hermès fashion house found himself behind bars earlier this week after launching into a drunken, pill-induced rage on an Air France flight from Paris to New York.

In addition to harassing other passengers and generally acting a fool, Mr. Guerrand-Hermes went for the captain’s crotch:

Court papers say that the socialite had drunk “quite a bit of alcohol’, as well as taking the prescription drug, Propofan, before perching on the arm rest of a female passenger, who was sitting near him in first class.

As members of the flight crew tried to intervene, the captain stepped in asking him to calm down.

Instead, he allegedly grabbed the pilot’s crotch shouting: “I am not going to behave myself,” and tried to throw a punch.

He failed at throwing that bunch an could face up to 20-years in prison, but he’s rich and powerful and probably hasn’t gotten into that much trouble in the past, so experts are predicting six months in the slammer, where there will be all sorts of crotches to grab.