Heading to Moscow to "Find t.A.T.u"

Mischa Playing Gay

By some stroke of luck – or perhaps a really good blow job – Mischa Barton has landed a new gig. The former OC star will be appearing in the big screen adaptation of Aleksey Mitrofanov’s novel, Finding t.A.T.u. From Variety:

Set against a background of music, Internet chatrooms and hedonistic Russian nightlife, it’s the story of a lonely American teenager in Moscow who becomes friends with a local girl over their shared obsession with pop band t.A.T.u.

t.A.T.u, of course, are the Russian pop duo whose manufactured lesbianism grabbed the world by the balls.

The flick isn’t Barton’s first foray into the wild world of lesbianism. Her OC character had a brief fling with a lady. The storyline, however, went nowhere. Barton, meanwhile, will be heading to Moscow later this month to start filming.