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Miss Beverly Hills Lauren Ashley Doesn’t Even Know What It Says In Leviticus About The Gays

Oh thank goodness Miss Beverly Hills Lauren Ashley already has herself a publicist, because she’s gonna need one. In an attempt to clarify her remarks, the beauty pageant contestant — whose own “representative area” doesn’t want her — Ashley doesn’t prove herself a worthy defender of Scripture, but a fumbling, unsure young woman.

Lauren Ashley is not the next Carrie Prejean. She’s the next Miss South Carolina Teen USA Caitlin Upton.

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  • terrwill

    No Lauren ASSley actually is a vile, miserable, hatefull, silicone injected, whorebag, cunt.

    This vile little cunt decided to try and out Gay hate Carrie Prejizz. She knows nothing about the bible. She only wanted what she unfortunately had gotten: Pulicity. And if she lives by what she preaches, the passage where women who wear silver and gold and do not adhere to modest ways should be stoned applies to her……..I gathered up a big bag of rocks, when and where can we meet, cunt???

  • Brian En Guarde

    One more cold-hearted clam, washing up in California away from ignorant land, wanting fame and money, wearing sexy clothes, going to parties, wanting to lecture us about sin, when hate is sin, trying to spread their religious extremism.

    There is nothing less sexy that this BRAT.

  • dvlaries

    So who’s the last beauty pageant contestant -including Sarah Palin- who went on to any fame for her intellect…? We can help Ashley -or any of them- to the path of obscurity by improving our own work at ignoring them. [img][/img]

  • james_cambrdige

    perhaps she should move to alabama and try her little bible-hate speech there. it probably would go over better than it did in beverly hills and her in-bred, big-hair, trailer-trash look would go over better down there too.

    man-faced slut.


    Wait, I thought beauty pageant hopefuls were supposed to be attractive? Did they change the rules,’cause this one looks like she fell off the back of a pick-up truck…repeatedly.


  • Tartuffe

    Yeah, it looks like she’s skipped the beauty queen phase and gone right to being a post-tiara hot mess.

  • Patty Mouth

    Why do we even give these cretins their 15 minutes of fame? She’s obviously a retarded, injected, implanted and peroxided moron. I could believe she’s a virgin, but some men will screw anything, so she probably isn’t.

  • terrwill

    She actually hates on the Gays cause RuPaul rejected her for this season of Drag Race……. : p

  • emb

    The city of Beverly Hills wasted no time in clarifying that the city does not operate or endorse any beauty pageants using its name.

  • Tricky

    She came up with this because she knew she would not win. After all, it is a Beauty Contest.

  • Junky

    why is this stupid bitch getting press?

  • Timothy

    Does she own more than one dress? I’ve seen her in that thing every time she’s been before a camera.

  • Brian En Guarde

    She has that PIG FACE! Oh my God — I am so frightened! The big nose smooshed near slanted eyes, wrapped in a big pink pig pie plate! Help! It like that movie where the family moves into … the.. and sees the PIG FACE IN THE WINDOW! [email protected][email protected]##$

  • Devon

    Say what you will about Caitlin Upton, but she at least looked the part of a pageant queen. That’s one advantage she has on whatserface.

  • Alexa

    She’s ugly, stupid, has stringy hair, and doesn’t even have a nice body – she has no muscle definition and huge hands. This is nothing more than a publicity stunt from someone with no chance of winning the competition.

  • terrwill

    There has been an update which may explain her inbred backward views: Her correct title is Miss Beverley Hilbilly…… : P

  • Not Lauren's ilk

    the city of Beverly Hills says she is a fraud and disavows any connection with her, the L.A. Times reports:

    “In a statement Wednesday, the city said it was shocked by Ashley’s description of herself as ‘Miss Beverly Hills.’ The city ‘does not sponsor a beauty pageant and has no association with Miss California USA,’ the statement said.

    “…As such, there should be no individual claiming the title of Miss Beverly Hills.’ The city’s statement said Ashley lives in Pasadena and ‘does not represent Beverly Hills in any capacity…”

    Our forefather’s anticipated her ilk:

    “Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise”. James Madison”

    “Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man.” -Thomas Jefferson

    Now we await her next FOX show visit wherein the host will surely be asking her what she’ll cost at the auction since her parents are obliged to follow the Bible’s law ordering them to sell their daughter into slavery.

  • Brian En Guarde

    Pig bitch can be the next FOX blond witch.

  • James UK

    Clearly this girl is deluded. And badly in need of a shave.

  • geoff

    Um, at least carrie Prejean is pretty( on the outside anyway, and I’ll bet plenty of guys would love to own one of those “spin the bean” videos of hers). This dumb bitch is hideous.

  • B

    Relax, guys. All the videos show are two bimbos put in a position where they have to answer a question and can’t simply say “I don’t have a clue”. So they winged it unsuccessfully.

    The ones botching Biblical quotes were probably dragged to church by their parents and like any self-respecting bimbo, they sat their thinking about whether they needed to get their nails polished. So what came out was some garbled version of what they vaguely remembered from church services where they did their best to think about something else. At least, that’s my guess.

  • Brad

    M.E.S.S. – and that spells “skanky piece of white trash.”

  • james

    God is against women being prostitutes as well, but apparently that doesn’t stop her from looking like one.

  • Patrick

    Stupid cunt.

  • David

    She has that northern Florida “my parents are first cousins” look. What kind of broke-down, mall beauty pageant would have her?

  • tjr101

    High-class trailer trash.

  • tarxien


    High class? What does low class look like?

  • ewe

    I personally do not even think she is all that good looking either. Let’s not waste any more of our time on this poptart.

  • san

    she actually makes carrie prejean look good, at least carrie could bs her way through, but this bitch have no idea what she is saying.

  • BLoGT

    “I think all Lauren Ashley needs is a to-do list:

    1. Tone up those arms.
    2. Take it easy with the eyeliner. (This is not RuPaul’s Drag Race, and if it were, you wouldn’t get too far anyway!)
    3. Go to Bible Study.
    4. Check in with the God of the Old Testament and see how he feels about the Swimsuit Competition.”

  • Tessie Tura

    Let’s not drag Caitlin Upton into this. Yes, that answer was probably the dumbest thing ever said in a pageant, but she did make the talk show rounds afterwards and say that she basically freaked out and didn’t know what to say.

    And whatever Miss Upton rambled about, it was NOT ignorant hate speech. It was just a pageant moment gone awry.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    imagine her in 30 years, sorry to do this to you all, so early in the morning. Sit up, drink some water. it helps.

  • jbran

    @james_cambrdige: Hey, I’ll give you that a lot of people in Alabama are haters; but they aren’t ugly.

  • Mike

    So does this mean we get to see this failed beauty queen on The Amazing Race too?

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