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Miss California Says God Was ‘Testing’ Her. She Failed

Miss USA

However we got into a situation where Perez Hilton is the voice of reason — we’ll never know. But the Miss USA guest judge’s feud with Miss California Carrie Prejean continues. Of course, it all started when Prejean, who wound up losing the crown to Miss North Carolina, answered Hilton’s question about whether she thought all states should support same-sex marriage with a solid “helllllz no.”

After using her “gay activist” (and straight) sister as a defense, she’s now bringing God into the debate. AS IF YOU DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING. Says Miss USA’s second place finisher and first-loser: “By having to answer that question in front of a national audience, God was testing my character and faith. I’m glad I stayed true to myself.” (And after the competition that she lost, Prejeans says, “No [I didn’t go to the after party], I got together with my family. I ate my first hamburger in a long time!”)

Meanwhile, Hilton hit Larry King Live last night to keep this PR storm a’coming! He even got his hair did for the occasion, unlike that MSNBC spot.

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  • jake

    this is the kind of woman that scares me the most.
    she’s the kind of woman who would let violence happen to gay people because she has some connection to god’s voice or something. she probably has amazing traditional values like my husband works, i don’t. i wash dishes, make babies and keep quiet. and she believes she 100% american.

  • Joe Blow

    I think Perez Hilton is scarier than this gal. She stated what her beliefs are and he got his thong in a bunch when she didn’t say what he wanted to hear. He then called her a stupid bit** so much for her free speech. Why did they even have him as a judge to begin with? He clearly knows nothing about beauty (inner or outer).

  • Dabq

    These churls and their imaginary gods are too much as an excuse for their hatred. That said, she has a right to her opinion, and, sadly there are many millions in this country who agree with her and need to be educated.

    Perez Hilton, yet another gay ‘voice’ that should be banished to the wilderness, his shrill reply isn’t going to win over anyone.

  • Wayne

    Yep, God wasn’t too concerned about poverty, or war, death or disease. Nope the only thing on God’s mind was whether or not Miss California stayed true to her bigot faith.

    These Christian Conservatives have some serious ego issues.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Oh God, now she’s trying to paint herself as Joan of Arc.

    Typical, trying to cover up a stupid homophobic blunder by turning herself into a martyr at the centre of a religious drama.

    Was God sitting in the front row munching popcorn and giving her the thumbs-up? Is that how she leaped to this conclusion?

  • jrd

    If she had merely answered ambiguously, it wouldn’t have mattered to anyone. She screwed herself here…
    The idea is that Miss America should be PC and love everyone, not that she has an opinion that matters, have you watched this show EVER? When you are given a political question, you answer nicely, not with snobbery.
    She lost, because she was a lesser contestant, period.
    (And yes, Perez is pretty much a troll, but he is also not in any pageants (please, tell me he’s not))

  • strumpetwindsock

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers hired him with the intention of generating a little controversy like this. After all, you don’t hire a troll to give lessons in etiquette; you hire him to be a troll.

    How many people would even be aware this contest had taken place if not for this little tempest?

  • Geoff

    CNN just showed one of the twitters on the perez page and it said something to the effect of, “Now Miss California can get a job as an Anchor on FOX News”…..cracked me up.

    Of course Perez has been busy making this even worse, last night he told a female MSNBC (I think) anchor that not only did he take his apology to Miss California “back”…but that instead of the ‘B’ word…he meant the ‘C’ word.

  • Chitown Kev

    It’s not what the dumb bitch said, it’s how she said it. She. Sounded. Like a typical dumb blonde.

    And a Christian one on top of that.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Actually this is a very good thing.
    It’s no surprise that she gave a stupid bigoted answer (though she definitely failed on the diplomacy front).

    But the fact that a whole demographic who would rather we just disappear had to deal with this coming through their TVs is great.

    Like that Rick Warren/Larry King thing, it’s evidence that the battle is being shifted to their turf, and not just attacks on our community.

    After all, if the Miss America Pageant isn’t a symbol of traditional hetdom, what is?

    This would never have happened 20 years ago, and the more it happens the more people are going to realize (whether they like us or not) that we’re at the table and we’re not going to leave.

  • emb

    OF COURSE this all comes back to god’s personal and intense interest in gay marriage! We really need to stop respecting the idea that “the-bible-tells-me-so” is a legitimate basis for any rational discussion, and certainly not for public policy. If these religious wack-jobs said that “a little voice that talks to me from under my bed told me”, we’d all agree they needed to get their medication adjusted. So why do we have to “respect” an argument based on a cobbled-together collection of various culture’s myths, some anti-Roman propaganda from a few first century Jewish-liberationists, and the collected letters of some former tax agent who was trying to start a church?

    Sorry for the rant. We probably shouldn’t really care about Miss California’s opinion about anything. She was nurtured to fit some notion of physical beauty that escapes me (I’ve seen many prettier drag queens, wearing less makeup), not to have opinions.

  • Nickadoo

    Perez Hilton vs. Miss California… about as intellectually stimulating as a fart in an echo chamber.

  • kevin vancouver

    @emb: ahhh seriously I could’nt have said it better myself… Religion will truly be man’s downfall… get rid of it!!!

  • InExile

    That woman (Miss CA) is a religious right wing hack and we should all be thanking Perez Hilton for taking a stand against such a hateful B**ch! Oh, and Perez is probably smarter than her also, her answer made her look like a bimbo.

  • Dennis

    The sad thing is we are stuck with Perez Hilton as our “team representative” on this one and his dropping the C-bomb on her instead of saying something/ANYTHING more reasoned or intelligent to advocate for same sex marriage just makes him (and us, by proxy) look like a petulant douchebag.

    Can’t we have some vetting process to qualify people to be “community spokespersons”…Perez Hilton is a petulant douche, and doesn’t do us any favors PR-wise.

  • Tom

    I don’t know what an “opposite” marriage is, but now I really really want one! In my country. And such. No offense.

  • Bruno

    @Joe Blow:

    I agree about Perez, but what do you mean “so much for free speech”? Both parties here exercised it.

  • Attmay

    I normally don’t like Perez Hilton, but his response is justified. We have put up with the condescension from polite bigots like this See-You-Next-Tuesday for way too long.

  • Chitown Kev


    Yeah, but the C-bomb is OK for these blogs, not for someone with Hilton’s visibility and tendency to self-promotion.

  • Michael

    I doubt many of you slamming Hilton actually watched the video…I was seriously surprised by Perez’s interview with Larry King. I def. consider him a pretty big jerk, but he made some very valid points about why her answer was bad – not because he disagreed, but because it was simply a poorly worded and non-inclusive answer. Theoretically Miss America should be well spoken and be as inclusive to all American’s as possible. (Not saying the title is that great, but he made a point.) You can also discount his validity as much as you want but he reaches a VERY large percentage of our youth and is often the only exposer teens and young adults have to this issue. Do I say he is a great gay rights activist? No. But he is certainly doing more for the movement than any of us here writing comments.

  • Pragmatist

    I think Perez made all GLBT people look bad, as usual. It was totally out-of-bounds (and childish, and stupid) for him to react the way he did to this girl’s response.

    I’m sure I’ll get skewered for saying this, but I don’t the girl did anything wrong. Her answer was honest and not bigoted. She didn’t say anything bad about GLBT people. She just offered an opinion about the status of a particular social and legal institution, an opinion that has significant traction even in our most liberal states, and even in Europe (where social issues are usually farther along).

    Of course we, Queerty readers (or 99% of us) think marriage equality is an important civil rights issue. But we’ve obviously still got some persuading to do. Calling anyone who disagrees with us a “stupid bitch” is no way to make our case.

  • dfrw

    Unfortunately, she sounds like the voice of reason and Perez Hilton is simply ranting, particularly on that morning show clip. I don’t agree with her, but she’s entitled to her beliefs. Finally, Perez Hilton lacks any class whatsoever and looks even worse when he gets his face up in a camera and calls someone like her a dumb bitch. I find him to be tasteless and believe his actions to be harmful to our community.

  • TANK

    Screw this CUNT (miss CA) and all you apologist douchenozzles who defend her. You can recontextualize this until it’s not bigoted and honest (dubya move: it doesn’t matter how wrong a person’s opinion is, so long as they stick by it and are honest about it…even if it’s hating a group because of their religious/ethnic/racial composition), or whatever, but you’re still a bunch of disgusting tools who should get nothing. Some of you defending her can, in fact, get legally married in any state… Which just makes it even more reprehensible to identify and defend her.

    This bitch and everyone who agrees with her are wrong, and so are the lot of you despicable cowards defending her. Disgusting. She sounds like the voice of reason to people whose opinions about lgbt equal rights are best left unheard due to the twisted self loathing degenerate POV that gives rise to them.

  • Attmay

    @TANK: For once I agree with you. It is women like her for which the word “cunt” was invented. She embodies the word. Fuck the whole “entitled to her beliefs” bullshit. No one is talking about censoring her, though it would serve her right. The woman deserves every insult she gets.

    Fuck this bigoted breeder cunt.

  • Pragmatist

    God. More displays of maturity and higher cognitive function, I see…

    It’s really childish to run around hurling misogynist and anti-heterosexual epithets at people because they have a different opinion. If this chick had used a derogatory term, I would understand the reaction. But as it stands, she offered the SAME opinion, basically, as the man who ran for president last fall, and for whom you all voted.

    Her only failing at the event (I’m excluding later comments because they’re irrelevant to the initial reraction) was that she was inarticulate and a bit nonsensical.

    Seriously, it cheapens the power of words like “bigot” when you toss them at anyone who expresses a civil disagreement. Leave terms like that to people like Jerry Falwell, who’ve made their contempt for GLBT people clear. Not supporting same-sex marriage is NOT presently an unacceptable social view. As I alluded previously, even in Europe only three countries have established marriage equality. We, as a group, are making significant inroads but we’re NOT at a level of consnsus such that we can disqualify anyone holding a contrary opinion from civic participation.

  • Steve

    So…God speaks through Perez Hilton????

  • God

    @Steve: No.

  • Jeshua

    I think everyone should lay off Miss CA. She is obviously an ignorant bible-thumping hillbilly who doesn’t know any better and her inarticulate and illogical response lost her the crown. The solution is to educate her and the many people in middle America who don’t know any better. IMO she did the cause a great favor, even if Perez did not. She gave many people a reason to respond and show that there is a lot of support for making the marriage option available for all US citizens. Personally, i’m against marriage in general, but i believe everyone should have that right.

  • Chris

    Long live freedom of speech. You guys should go back through these comments and substitute “African American” or “Jew” in place of the insulting terms hurled at Miss California. See how that looks.

  • Becky


    I’m sure that if she had been asked about poverty, war, death or disease that she would have answered that in a Christian manner. I’m not sure a question about gay marriage warranted an answer that addressed any of these issues. I think her answer was good and quite compassionate. She did not tell anyone that they were wrong. She just stated her belief and said that is the way she was raised. I see no reason for anyone to attack her. Perez Hilton, on the other hand, called her both a bitch and a cunt for her answer. I think he is the one we need to be taking a closer look at!

  • Googleyboogie

    Perez wasn’t taking away her freedom of speech when he called her a dumb bitch. Free speech has consequences. He has every right to call her a dumb bitch/cunt/whore just as she had the right to give her answer. Free speech doesn’t work one way Miss CA lovers.

    PS. She’ll never blow you no matter how much you kiss ass.

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