Sore Losers

Miss California Says God Was ‘Testing’ Her. She Failed

Miss USA

However we got into a situation where Perez Hilton is the voice of reason — we’ll never know. But the Miss USA guest judge’s feud with Miss California Carrie Prejean continues. Of course, it all started when Prejean, who wound up losing the crown to Miss North Carolina, answered Hilton’s question about whether she thought all states should support same-sex marriage with a solid “helllllz no.”

After using her “gay activist” (and straight) sister as a defense, she’s now bringing God into the debate. AS IF YOU DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING. Says Miss USA’s second place finisher and first-loser: “By having to answer that question in front of a national audience, God was testing my character and faith. I’m glad I stayed true to myself.” (And after the competition that she lost, Prejeans says, “No [I didn’t go to the after party], I got together with my family. I ate my first hamburger in a long time!”)

Meanwhile, Hilton hit Larry King Live last night to keep this PR storm a’coming! He even got his hair did for the occasion, unlike that MSNBC spot.

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