Miss California Will Enjoy Career In ‘Standing Up For What You Believe In,’ Bigotry

Before getting all atwitter about Miss California Carrie Prejean’s lack of support for same-sex marriage, remember: Our own president shares the same stance. Gay marriage flip-flopper Barack Obama says “marriage” is for men-and-women only (even though that’s not always been his position).

It’s a wise point NBC’s Amy Robach makes to put Prejean’s response in context. But more surprising to pageant types, however, is Prejean’s idiocy when it comes to how she answered the question. With such a controversial topic, it would’ve been wiser for her, no matter her personal feelings, to straddle the line on marriage equality and deliver a response that was both for and against same-sex marriage.

By now, the point is moot, and Prejean’s homophobia has made her a star. She did not win the Miss USA crown. It went to Miss North Carolina. But who’s asking her to come on to the Today show? And who even remembers her name?

(It’s Kristen Dalton. And you’ll never hear from her again.)

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