First Loser

Miss California’s Support for ‘Traditional’ Marriage Helps Her Win 2nd Place

Miss USA, the “beauty” pageant that hasn’t yet been turned into a reality show (and yet still nobody watches), is not really the place for informed debate. But one must assume little girls (and gay boys) are watching the broadcast at home, so when you hear Miss California Carrie Prejean — from the state where Prop 8 passed! — announce her support for defining marriage as between one man and one woman, and then the studio audience cheering (or was it booing?) her response, well, you’ve got to hope these kids had switched over to a Toddlers & Tiaras marathon and missed the bigoted response. Because karma is a bitch and sometimes the universe gets things right, Miss California lost … and came in second place; Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton won. The question to Prejean came from judge and self-important blogger Perez Hilton, who followed up with this: