Miss Coco Peru Wants To See Your Pride In New Music Video

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.54.18 AMDrag extraordinaire Miss Coco Peru has released a new toe-tapping music video in which where she asks you to “Show Me Your Pride.”

If Adore Delano is going indie alterna-queen, Coco’s “Show Me Your Pride” is going full-blown Fire Island tea dance.

There’s jazz hands, a theatrical experience, sequins and some good old fashioned jubilant dancing — things no Pride weekend is complete without.

Yes, it’s campy. And yes, it’s a bit corny. But again, this is Pride we’re talking about. And her message couldn’t be more on point.

Oh, and bonus points for the childhood photos she shares — “There was a time when even I lived in the shadows…”

Check it out: