Miss Gay America vs. Katrina


The Gulf has seen a few bitches drop by lately. Katrina, Rita, and, now Wilma have blown through town faster than Coke into Boy George’s nose. But one fabo hellcat to come out of that region is Nicole Dubois, the newly crowned Miss Gay America.

We wouldn’t be performing our queer duty if we went one day longer by failing to acknowledge Ms. Dubois’ win in this past weekend’s pageant. Miss Gay America is the country’s longest running drag queen pageant. Miss America ain’t got nothing on these ladies. Where else will you had find a contestant named Pork Chop and another singing a Diana Ross tune from The Wiz? But the crown couldn’t have gone to a more deserving woman. See, Katrina destroyed the smashing Ms. Dubois’ Gulfport, Mississippi home.

A runner-up last year, Nicole’s web site boasts she is known for her “quick wit,” “rhinestones, and cosmetics.” We expect nothing less from our reigning drag queens. Congrats.