Top Suspect Fleeing With Cuban Lover?

Missing Ship Mystery Takes Gay Turn

A chartered boat, The Joe Cool, went missing earlier this week. The four-person crew has yet to be located. Two men – Kirby Archer, 35 and Guillermo Zarabozo, 19 – were found in the ship’s life raft.

As the story unfolds and the men are accused of murder, some new, distinctly queer details are emerging. Archer, who’s already accused of stealing $92,000 from an Arkansas Wal-Mart, may have been having a relationship with Zarabozo.

Archer’s ex-wife, Michelle Rowe, once testified that her husband has dabbled in gay relationships. And, what’s more, the former Guantanamo military investigator may have met Zarabozo back in the 1990s when the younger man was only nine year old…

Two men plucked from a life raft in the Florida Straits after the boat they chartered was abandoned met more than 10 years ago when one was a boy in Cuba and the other was a military police investigator at Guantánamo Bay, according to the former soldier’s ex-wife.

At the time, Zarabozo’s family was among thousands of Cubans who had tried to leave the island on rafts. They had apparently been intercepted at sea and taken to the base, where Archer took an interest in the rafter boy, then 6 or 7 years old.

”He told me about the boy. He said he took him under his wing. He stayed in touch with him all this time,” Rowe said.

She said Zarabozo ”even came to visit him in Arkansas.” He stayed with Archer, she said.

After he became a fugitive, ”I think he picked up that boy and they decided to head to Cuba to start a new life,” Rowe said.

Ms. Rowe went on to describe her ex-husband as “a piece of shit”. If he did, in fact, steal $92,000 and murder the boat’s crew, then Rowe’s right on the money.

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  • cjc

    Ok, I like dating men outside of my general age range, but I draw the line at anyone who I’ve known since childhood. That is skeezy.

  • Dawster

    yep… kinda grossed out.

    (and the pic isn’t helping)

  • joha_2004

    yah. . . what a bummer!

  • Corporate

    I agree murder is way wrong, but stealing from Wall Mart should be commended!

  • ralph beard

    i know kirby if ne of the family is readin this go to

  • sarah

    I know Kirby Archer and that is not the man that I know…

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