Mission Implausible

Mission: America Homophobe Linda Harvey Knows You’re All Really Straight


Delete Grindr from your iphone and Looking from your DVR folks, because Linda Harvey just knows you’re all closeted heterosexuals.

Linda Harvey, the outrageously homophobic founder of the “Christian values” organization Mission: America and author of Maybe He’s Not Gay: Another View On Homosexuality, is just tired of all you gays fighting for equal rights in Russia.

According to her, it’s because you secretly fear your latent heterosexuality.

Ranting on conservative political website WND, she writes:

With claws and teeth exposed, the monster purveyors of “tolerance” try to come off as noble moralists, but confront them with the truth and the artifice falls. Their reactions are violent for a simple reason: fear. They wonder if they might actually be heterosexuals after all.

Um…no, not really, and certainly not after seeing today’s morning goods.

Harvey goes on to claim that we’re “terrified” that someone may learn that we’re straight and calls gays “stupid” for trying to take on the climate of homophobia in Russia. We’d wager that fighting for equal rights for an oppressed group of people is never stupid.

However, suggesting that the millions of gays around the globe who face discrimination, criminalization, and violence just for being gay are faking it because we’re really straight?

Well, that is pretty stupid.