Missouri Town Officials Can’t Stop Posting Outdated Homophobic Drivel

darrell todd maurina

Well, stop the presses, there’s a homophobic politician in Missouri ranting about queers on Facebook. Will wonders never cease.

This time it’s St. Robert City Councilman Allan Johannsen, and he’s ticking off all the boxes for “ignorant bigot.” Among his greatest Facebook hits: “I think queers need to stop trying to recruit more perverts this sick mental illness is not any better than child molesters,” and, “Why don’t you guys act right and find a nice woman instead of a person of the same sex.”

Good one, Al. That’s so creative.

Allan’s rants were triggered by some activism by the publisher of the local newspaper, the Pulaski County Daily News. Publisher Darrell Todd Maurina (pictured) is upset that there’s going to be a drag show at the local community center and wants it moved to someplace else, because there are “athletic fields next door.”

Uh, okay dude. Not sure what the proximity of an athletic field has to do with anything — are you worried that if a drag queen stands too close to a football field it turns into a discotheque?

Just for some context, here’s the kind of debauchery he’s worried about:

Yup, a drag queen calmly adjusting her hair and saying, “hi.” If there’s anything to object to here, it’s a white person wearing fake dreadlocks — eek, cultural appropriation.

The video does get a little off-color when she encounters a cute boy in the audience: “Look how cute he is! Don’t you want to put it in his butt?” Oh no, a joke about anal sex, nobody has ever done such a thing within earshot of an athletic field!

Maurina’s been making a name for himself with homophobia for years, and you can find some more unpleasant Facebook posts from him here, and also get a closer look at his profile pic.

What is it about homophobes that they all look like they’re waiting for a mug shot to be taken for doing something naughty in a men’s room?