Injured, Indecisive Jurors Derail Justice

Mistrial in Gay Murder Trial

Bad news for Edgar Garzon‘s grieving mother.
A Queens judge declared a mistrial after the jury neglected to reach a verdict for or against 39-year old John McGhee. McGhee’s accused of beating 35-year old Garzon to death after Garzon flirted with him.

The jury remained in deadlock last week after Defense attorney Charles D. Abercrombie punched through prosecutorial witness Christopher Ricalde’s damning testimony. Seven found McGhee guilty of Garzon’s murder, while five declared him innocent.

The judge dismissed the dithering jury for the weekend and were further stalled after one juror “hurt his back over the weekend,” Gay City News‘ Duncan Osborne told us via email.

That same juror failed to return today, leading the judge to declare a mistrial. And so it begins anew…

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