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Mitch McConnell can’t bring himself to say “Minority Leader” so he’s calling himself something else

Senator Mitch McConnell arrived at Joe Biden‘s Inauguration yesterday morning as the Senate Majority Leader. He left, however, as the Senate Minority Leader. This was thanks, in no small part, to Vice President Kamala Harris. (And Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.)

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Today, McConnell’s much deserved demotion was made official on social media when he changed his Twitter handle and bio. But instead of switching it from “Senate Majority Leader” to “Senate Minority Leader,” McConnell simply changed his handle to @LeaderMcConnell and is calling himself the “Senate Republican Leader”, leaving out the important minority distinction.

Meanwhile, his old Twitter page @senatemajldr has been deactivated.

Evidently, the 78-year-old, who spent the last four years enabling Donald Trump and turning a blind eye to his lawlessness for the sake of packing the courts with conservative judges, just couldn’t stomach the thought of being a minority.

But don’t worry! The rest of Twitter is making sure the world knows the Senator from Kentucky’s new title…

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