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Mitrice Richardson Has Been Missing for 8 Months. Now DoJ Will Investigate?

Mitrice Richardson, the 24-year-old lesbian arrested in Malibu for allegedly failing to pay an $89 restaurant bill, has been missing since September. That’s when Los Angeles sheriffs released her in Calabasas without a car, phone, or purse — a violation of her civil rights, says Rep. Maxine Waters, who is calling on the Justice Department to investigate her whereabouts.

In a letter sent last week to DoJ, Waters writes, “The roads of Malibu are dark and dangerous at night, and since the Los Angeles Police Department later concluded that Mitrice appeared to be suffering from bipolar disorder that evening, I believe that the circumstances surrounding her disappearance warrant a thorough federal investigation.” Waters initially asked the FBI to investigate; it responded it doesn’t deal with adult missing persons.

Uh, great, let’s begin the missing person’s investigation eight months after the disappearance.

Richardson’s father has already filed a claim against Los Angeles County. Waters’ letter will only help his cause. But more importantly, it could help bring Mitrice home. Prayers, please.

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