Mitt Romney Glitter-Bombed, Mistakes It For “Victory Confetti”


So the glitter-bombings continued today, with lead Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney serving as the target of some sparkly ire at a rally in Eagan, Minnesota.

But either Mitt was making light of an awkward situation or he misunderstood what happened, because right after he got bombed—by an activist ticked off at his flip-flopping on gay rights—he told the crowd it was confetti, to celebrate his win in last weekend’s Florida primary.

“Wave your hand—who threw the glitter? There you are! Hey listen guys, I’m delighted to be here with you, this is an exciting time. I’m happy for a little celebration. This is confetti! We just won Florida! We’re just going to win the White House next! Let me tell you, President Obama is not going to be seeing a lot of confetti!”

Aw, that’s sorta sad, in a “I was saying Bo-o-o-urns” way.

The Rominator got splattered a second time on his way to sign some autographs.  Okay, can we officially quit it with the glitter-bombing? It was cool the first few times but now its just making us look stupid. And if the activists keep this up, the drag queens will have nothing to spackle on their faces.

Source: Think Progress. Photo: Zeke Miller/BuzzFeed

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  • Joetx

    Romney is having problems convincing the Republicon base that he’s conservative enough. Some people glitter-bombing him b/c he’s anti-gay helps his cause.

    And considering that, out of the Republicon candidates, he polls best against Obama, we shouldn’t be helping him out.

    Not that Obama is the “fierce advocate” for LGBT people he claims to be, but he’s much better than the scum the Republicons are trotting out.



  • Wesley Horace

    please stop the glitter bombing. its just dumb.

  • Pocket Otter

    I say good for Mitt. Upbeat attitude, glass is always half-full, that kind of thing. I’ve always felt the best weapon to battle hate is love. Even if he’s naive about it, he comes across as a bigger man than the one who tossed the glitter.
    Sounds to me like this glitter-bombing fad has beconme more about the glittterORS than the glitterEES.

  • Me

    @Joetx: How is Obama any better than the Republitards when Obama used his (in)Justice Department to argue to UPHOLD DADT and DOMA for over three years, and then just basically turned DOMA over to a Republican controlled House of Reps to continue the battle against our civil rights when Obama could have ended it three years ago; especially after losing in federal court the first time — you know he didn’t have to appeal either DADT or DOMA?

    Obama did not that GW Bush would have done — except, only after losing the House of Representative to the Republicans did he slap together a repeal of DADT (removing non-discrimination protections, of course) after the DEMS lost control of the House in 2010.

    Obama is the biggest chicken-shit overtly homophobic Democratic president since Bill Clinton who gave us DADT and DOMA. When DEMS had control of both houses — we got DADT. Two years later we got DOMA when DEMS lost control of Congress after their liberal base refused to come out to vote for blue-dog Democrats during the midterms. Clinton could have at least showed symbolic support by vetoing DOMA even if it would probably have been overridden by the bigots in the Senate (including the majority of cowardly Democrats — because, after all, you know were are expendable. And DADT should never had been passed by a Democratic-controlled congress in the first place.

    How history repeats itself. When will the DEMS ever learn that you don’t screw around with your base. Republicans know that, Democrats are either too damn stupid to care, or they think their base (ie especially most in the GLBT Obot community) are too fucking pathetic to stand up for themselves.

    It’s 2012 and Obama doesn’t have a crippled mortician like Bob Dole to run against him this time like Clinton did back in the 1996. The writing is on the wall, Obama is going to lose, he’s pissed off too many of his liberal base for them to give a shit about him anymore when he has acted just like any other homophobic, money-grubbing Republican on most issues since he’s been in office.

    That old shit about “well, he’s better than the other guy” just doesn’t cut it anymore — especially when it becomes increasing apparently that is marginal at best, and not enough to justify rewarded a back-stabbing bigot like Obama with the presidency again.

    Do you really want to hear Rick (pro-Prop 8) Warren give the opening invocation to Obama’s second inauguration — which Obama personally invited him to do while shuffling our own gay Bishop Gene Robinson off to the side? That would have been like President Lyndon B. Johnson (who pushed through the 1968 Civil Rights Act) inviting a segregationist racist minister to open his inauguration ceremonies while shoving a pro-civil rights clergyman into the gutter.

    How soon you pathetic gluttons for punishment in the GLBT community forget! But, then again, if you don’t demand any better, then you get just what you deserve.

  • Me


    (second paragraph, first line should read) “Obama did exactly what GW Bush would have done…”

    (3rd paragraph, second line) “…because, after all, you know we are expendable.”

    (six paragraph, last line)”… and not enough to justify rewarding a back-stabbing bigot like Obama with the presidency again.”

  • CBRad

    I’ll at least give him credit there. Romney DID handle such a stupid “assault” quite nicely.

  • Mike


    Are you high?

  • tjr101

    Mitt Romney is such a phony.

  • Mitt's Bitch

    As the individual who tossed the glitter at Romney, I’m here to tell you that it was, in fact, victory confetti. Just, you know, the colorful kind. And he looooooved it.

  • Libertarian Larry

    You’re right on the money. Obama will be a one-termer, ironically because he hasn’t been liberal enough for his base. Much like George HW Bush, people gave him a chance and he failed them, so he was voted out. Obama’s going to have to pull rainbows out of his ass to make any headway in this election, otherwise it’s “Hello President Romney.”

  • Caliban

    Enough with the silly-ass “glitter-bombing” already! It’s a stupid fucking tactic that was boring already the 2nd time someone did it, it makes the gay community look childish and hysterical and makes even a turd like Romney look like the victim in this scenario. Protest is great but it should attract people to your cause or position, not make them roll their eyes.

  • R.A.

    @Libertarian Larry:

    Any gay person who idly sits by and watches truly anti-gay Republicans get elected should be held responsible for all the real persecution and unfairness that will follow.

    Just one more Republican Conservative on the Supreme Court could reverse Johnson v. Johnson.

  • Take-Back-Christopher-Street

    @R.A.: “Johnson v. Johnson” sounds…well…kinda of Gay…in a really good way. :)

  • Libertarian Larry

    @R.A.: That’s somewhat of an oversimplification. Are you saying all gays should vote Democrat? What about bisexuals, or transG’s who believe they’re 100% heterosexual, how should they vote in your opinion so that they’re not “held responsible for all the real persecution and unfairness that will follow”? Jesus, it seems you’re one of those who’ve been brainwashed into thinking Republicans want to set up concentration camps for all minorities. Funny, funny, funny.

  • tjr101

    @Libertarian Larry: No, they may not want to set up concentration camps but one more conservative on the supreme court is one too many and is reason enough alone to vote for Obama. Any person who truly wants LGBT rights to continue being advanced wouldn’t in their right mind vote for the likes of Mitt Romney or any of the current Republican candidates.
    We have seen first hand that the Tea party controlled house has achieved absolutely nothing but pushing far right social agendas the last two years forgetting about the economy, now you want to put a Republican in the WH to rubber stamp their BS? Speak for yourself!

  • No-Obot

    @tjr101: Actually a Democrat (Justice White) in 1987 wrote the majority opinion in the US Supreme Court which upheld the Sodomy statutes in the United States for nearly another two decades, whereas a Republican (Justice Kennedy) wrote the prevailing opinion in 2003 over-riding Bower v Hardwick and struck down the remaining Sodomy laws in the US in Lawrence v Texas (as has been pointed out before by others in less Obot-loving posts here on Queerty).

    So, apparently some of you would rather have more people like Obama in government who happily used the Justice Department for over three years to fight against the GLBT community to UPHOLD discriminatory laws like DADT and DOMA. Furthermore, the other people we helped put into power turned out to be just more homophobes and apathetic DEMS on Capital Hill who shamelessly ignored even attempting to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which is desperately needed in order to protect the tens of millions of us working GLBTs in America who live in states without anti-discrimination laws to protect us in our employment.

    The very same thing that GW Bush had done during his eight years, Obama did for over three years to our community — and now Obama wants another four years to shit on us. The DEMS know that the Gay community are a bunch of pussies who will just roll over and beg for another kick to the groin because they’re sooooooo very afraid of the big bad Republican boogey man that they’ll piss their pants and come crawling back to the DEMS (and Obamanation) after they’d just received a big steamy gift-wrapped turd personally delivered to them by the DEMS and the current Homophobe-in-Chief at the White House.

    OBama is a backstabbing scumbag. Far too often, the only REAL difference between a Republican and Democrat in federal office is that one has an (R) after their name and the other has a (D) after their name at the ballot box. I will cast my vote for any party that supports me and my community and for no party who does not — that goes especially true for the Democrats who have just squandered all the goodwill and trust they once had with the GLBT community. I refuse to get on the DEM’s campaign bus again after being thrown under it sooooo many times.

    Wake up and take a real close look at the two-faced slimy douche-bag that is Obama before you become Mr. Been-a-dick Arnold’s cheerleader again in 2012.

  • Katty

    Referencing “Boo-urns”… epic. Just epic. Moleman threw actual confetti!

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