Mitt Romney Glitter-Bombed, Mistakes It For “Victory Confetti”


So the glitter-bombings continued today, with lead Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney serving as the target of some sparkly ire at a rally in Eagan, Minnesota.

But either Mitt was making light of an awkward situation or he misunderstood what happened, because right after he got bombed—by an activist ticked off at his flip-flopping on gay rights—he told the crowd it was confetti, to celebrate his win in last weekend’s Florida primary.

“Wave your hand—who threw the glitter? There you are! Hey listen guys, I’m delighted to be here with you, this is an exciting time. I’m happy for a little celebration. This is confetti! We just won Florida! We’re just going to win the White House next! Let me tell you, President Obama is not going to be seeing a lot of confetti!”

Aw, that’s sorta sad, in a “I was saying Bo-o-o-urns” way.

The Rominator got splattered a second time on his way to sign some autographs.  Okay, can we officially quit it with the glitter-bombing? It was cool the first few times but now its just making us look stupid. And if the activists keep this up, the drag queens will have nothing to spackle on their faces.

Source: Think Progress. Photo: Zeke Miller/BuzzFeed