Mitt Romney Kicks Off Campaign To See If America Wants Elect Gray Temples

Bragging about his small business creds, Mormon king Mitt Romeny today declared he officially bought a ticket to America’s political sweepstakes, the winner of which will be announced more than a year from now by a woman holding balloons outside his front door. If only Mitt had decided to drop this boring bomb on us sooner, we could’ve had our first Republican presidential debate in May.

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  • Red Meat

    He’s going to steal your wife, the gays are safe.

  • Nat

    Hope he has fun. Hell, why doesn’t John McCain give it another go? America seems itching for another rich and evil decrepit white guy to replace the disconnected, amoral pragmatist currently running the White House.

  • Michael

    2012 is going to be one of those “pick the lesser of evils” kind of a year. I can see this guy winning.

  • SnidelyWhiplash

    Thankfully, the Christian Right hates the fucking Mormons even more than gays do. They won’t even accept him as VP.

    The worst thing about the Japan earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown is that it didn’t happen in Utah.

  • tjr101

    Ugh, Next!

  • Jayson


  • GetBalance

    Sleezy pretentiuos brn miser.

  • GetBalance

    Sleezy pretentiuos brn noser.

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