Would Rather See This Man Suffer Than Legalize Doja

Mitt Romney Prefers Pain Over Pot


Stricken with muscular dystrophy, American citizen Clayton Holton’s looking for a little relief – like a joint.

Unfortunately, our government continues to forbid medical marijuana. Hoping to find a sympathetic ear – or a great YouTube clip – Holton asked presidential candidate Mitt Romney if he’ll allow medical marijuana. The answer: a resoundingly insensitive, flippant “no”.

Do Mormon Republicans have a soul? Apparently not.

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  • Wendy

    I will need to know why the government continues to forbid medical marijuana before I feel like Mitt Romney was “insenstive”. I know that he is not insentive to those with pain. His wife’s illness does not leave him ignorant to what can do to a person.

  • demonW

    Not ‘insensitive’ so much as uncaring.

  • Ash

    What are you, a Romney campaigner, Wendy?

  • Jan

    Ah the hypocrisy of homosexual activists preaching against stereotyping and intolerance. Because Mitt Romney “flippantly” said no to medical marijuana, the author felt justified in saying Mormons don’t have a soul! As it turns out most users of medical marijuana don’t take it for medical reasons (see the recent 60 minutes special on the subject), but never mind that, let’s malign a guy’s religion for what seem to be political motivations.

  • Ash

    All religions deserve to be maligned, Jan. Welcome to reality, nice to meet you.

  • a.c.

    so called christians who push moral legislation are really just following the plan of lucifer. they want to insure that you go back to heaven and they take credit for it. taking away choices that christ sacrificed himself to insure is the most unchristlike thing a person can do.

  • john

    Religion is a joke, all religions. If you really want to believe in God, thats your decision, to believe that in order to go to heaven I have to give money, kneal down, or stand on one foot while reciting the book of felatio is absolute bananas.

    As far as Republicans are concerned, they’re all cretins but at least they show their immorality and dangerous attitude towards mankind. Democrats on the other hand are like pet snakes, feed em, keep em warm, but dont trust em that much because just when you think they’re your friends…………..

  • Bill in Portland Maine

    Why doesn’t someone just say it?

    Mitt Romney is an asshole.

  • Paul

    What a douchebag. Republicans are all the same, a bunch of mean spirited, repressed wackos – with no concept of the suffering of fellow human beings.

  • Norman Hines

    Lends a lot of credence to the saying. If you want religion in government. Move to Iraq.

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