Mitt Still Backs Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Mitt Romney’s nothing but a stubborn old mule.

The failed presidential candidate, who some say may be John McCain’s top veep pick, appeared on CNN yesterday and, despite former military leaders’ opposition opinion, backed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Said Romney when asked about whether it’s time to repeal the discriminatory measure:

You know, I don’t think so. I think particularly at a time of conflict, as we’re experiencing in Iraq and Afghanistan, this is not the time to be putting in place a major change in policy and trying to accommodate all of the adjustments that that would require. That’s something which clearly we’ll learn from the military and the people who are responsible for managing our troops down the road. But certainly now is not the time to make a change of that nature.

Really, Mitt Romney? Because four retired military men oversaw- and backed – a study saying repealing the law would not hurt unit cohesion. But, for some reason, Romney, a millionaire political scion, thinks he knows more than people who were actually in the military. Good God, Mitt! Have you no brain?

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  • John McLaren

    Don’t forget our Mitt is still a Mormon. And who is the largest financial backer of the Boy Scouts -the Mormon Church who would (like Mitt) think it’s time to change policy and admit gay youth or leaders into their midst. Every Mormon boy’s rite of passage includes membership in the Scouts.

  • rae

    of course, a time of conflict isn’t the time to allow gays to serve open in the military. it is, however, the perfect time to change policy to allow convicted felons and non-high school graduates to serve.

  • ajax

    As always, what comes from the mouth of Mitt is entirely shitt. Anyone with any knowledge of organizational behavior knows the best time to institute this kind of change is when work demand is highest. When one is focused on getting his/her job done, (s)he doesn’t have the time to focus on co-workers’ differences. Idiot.

  • Jason

    Who needs a brain when you wear magic underpants!

  • emb

    So true, Jason!

    It’s always fun to hear someone who asiduously avoided military service himself, and who ardently supports a war he doesn’t encourage his service-age sons to volunteer to fight, sermonize about how the military ought to be run.

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by hypocrisy being displayed by a religious conservative, though.

  • Will

    Organizational behavior be damned, if you are not in the military you might not get this one. As a military member, I personally feel the last thing our troops overseas need to deal with is the repeal of DADT. That doesn’t mean it is not wrong and shouldn’t be repealed. Our service members have enough to deal with right now with out this being added to their plate and distracting them from the task at hand (that they have been performing admirably). Mitt is spot on here and our politicos need to remember that a repeal or revision needs to be handled in a way that will be positive for all, not just a ‘screw you’ statement to appease the naysayers.

  • emb

    um, Will, how exactly is permitting gay and lesbian servicepeople to behave within the confines of standard military expectations just like everyone else another horror piled on their plates and a distraction and something they need to “deal with”? That seems…odd to me.

    It seems more likely that soldiers who have to be concerned about concealing their true selves are more likely to be “distracted” and “dealing with” stuff in a way that could interfere with their admirable service.

    You would no doubt have been comfortable naysaying Truman’s decision to desegregate the military during the Korean police action (which saw just as much violence as the Iraq occupation). Certainly asking white soldiers to “deal with” the presence of blacks might be too much for their plates.

  • mark

    Mittler = LOSER

    and stupid ken doll and Mormon to the core

  • mark

    hey Mitt, exactly how much did you pay for each repig delegate you got?…..ROFLMQAO!

  • Steve

    Mitt is just playing bigot politics. The Republicans need to find a way to get gay-hatred into the election. They think it will get the bigots to come out and vote. The news is, of course, that it’s not working this time. People have seen that one before, and most of them are not falling for it again this year. The number of votes they lose by playing the gay-hate card this year is at least as large as the number they gain.

    We need to start talking about a federal nondiscrimination act. Not just in employment, but generally. All parts of the federal government, and all state governments, and all corporations, including federally chartered corporations, should be prohibited from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation.

    If they want to talk about “gay” as an issue in the upcoming elections, let them. Let’s talk about “discrimination” and “equal protection” and “fair”. That argument works. People have an inherent sense of fair play. And most are willing to be fair.

  • Bob R

    God, gays and guns, it’s the only thing the GOP has to run on and always has been. It’s also been very successful for them almost every election cycle. All Obama has to do is repeat the question over and over again; “are you better off today than you were 8 years ago?” and tie McCain to Bush at every opportunity. I would even morph McCain’s face into Bush’s. Oh, and the McCain/Bush hug is another good one. The GOP has very little to use, the Democrats have plenty of ammo and every time McCain and his surrogates open their mouths they provide more. And since McCain uses his military service in ads, it’s fair game for questions too. McCain and the GOP shouldn’t just be defeated, they should be thoroughly crushed.

  • Dawson

    August 9th, 2007—Associated Press article by Glen Johnson

    Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Wednesday defended his five son’s decision not to enlist in the military saying they’re showing their support for the country by “helping me get elected.”

    Romney, who did not serve in the Vietnam because of his Mormon missionary work and a hgh draft number.

    “The good new is that we have a volunteer Army and that is the way we’re going to keep it.”

    Romney’s five sons range in the age from 26 to 37 and have worked as real estate developerss, sports marketers, and advertising executives.

  • mark

    Repig VP selection

    behind curtain #1 is the Mormon ken doll you hated already

    behind curtain #2 is the GAY FL governor with his spray on tan

    Can we have what’s in the box?

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Maybe he just bought the wrong size, Jason? Too tight underwear can make a man real mean. lol

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