Mitt Still Backs Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Mitt Romney’s nothing but a stubborn old mule.

The failed presidential candidate, who some say may be John McCain’s top veep pick, appeared on CNN yesterday and, despite former military leaders’ opposition opinion, backed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Said Romney when asked about whether it’s time to repeal the discriminatory measure:

You know, I don’t think so. I think particularly at a time of conflict, as we’re experiencing in Iraq and Afghanistan, this is not the time to be putting in place a major change in policy and trying to accommodate all of the adjustments that that would require. That’s something which clearly we’ll learn from the military and the people who are responsible for managing our troops down the road. But certainly now is not the time to make a change of that nature.

Really, Mitt Romney? Because four retired military men oversaw- and backed – a study saying repealing the law would not hurt unit cohesion. But, for some reason, Romney, a millionaire political scion, thinks he knows more than people who were actually in the military. Good God, Mitt! Have you no brain?

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