Swears He Supports Sissies, Just Not Nuptials

Mitt Talks Gay

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wants to make sure you know he does, always has and always will support gay people. Unless it’s politically practical.

Making the public rounds in New Hampshire yesterday, Romney tried to set the record straight on rumors of his anti-gay ways. He tells reporters that he’s hired gay staff and has always supported gay rights, except marriage, which he shamefully fought while Governor of Massachusetts.

I know there are some who say that is a difference, my view, and it is the view I have had from the very beginning. I have opposed gay marriage from the beginning.

Could this have anything to do with political opponent Sam Brownback’s recent attacks on Romney’s 1994 pledge for gay boy scout leaders?

Romney didn’t linger on the gay subject, moving on instead to some good old Clinton bashing, saying he’d never get into a Monica Lewinsky type scandal. He also used some scare tactics, presenting voters with a rhetorical ultimatum:

I’m convinced that America is going to change course, and the question is which way it is going to go: Are we going to take a sharp left turn represented by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and John Edwards, or are we going to march forth with the American values that have always helped us be the strongest nation on earth. And I believe we’ll do the latter.

Yeah, the Democrats are really left.

As for Romney supporting the gays – we bet you 50 bucks he’s talking out his ass. Actually, we’ll make in a hundred. We’re feeling lucky.