Pete Hoekstra Made Deal With Devil

Mitt’s Michigan Supporters Tout “Values”

Republican Mitt Romney’s hoping for a big win in Michigan January 15th primary – and so does Rep. Pete Hoekstra…

Not only does he desperately need a primary win, but his father, George Romney, sat at Michigan’s governor from 1969-1973. A loss in his home state would devastate Romney’s campaign. In an effort to ensure votes, Romney’s enlisted fellow Republican Pete Hoekstra and his wife to do some traditional celebrating.

From Boston Globe via Bay Windows:

In the spot, Representative Pete Hoekstra and his wife, Diane, say that Romney will cut taxes, lower spending, and create jobs – a huge issue in the economically depressed state. They also vouch for Romney’s Michigan connections.

“Governor Mitt Romney represents the values that are important to us,” Diane Hoekstra says. “He will fight for the unborn and traditional marriage.”

“Mitt Romney’s values are Michigan values,” Pete Hoekstra chimes in.

Hoekstra was the first Republican to call for toilet trolling Senator Larry Craig’s resignation.