MJ and JP Back In Gay Love?

Jason Preston took it upon himself to send Gawker a little love update. It looks like Marc Jacobs, who appears on Out‘s September issue, broke down and took the former rent boy back.

It’s quite a queer turn of events considering Mr. Jacobs’ Out interview in which he describes their well-publicized relationship as “crazy” and described Preston as being a bit unavailable: “I just mean that I wanted to come home and have somebody be available and have conversations and just to be there.” Perhaps Jacobs isn’t feeling so hot these days. As he tells Out, his relationships follow his mood:

Right now I can’t even imagine being attracted to someone who isn’t in a healthy place on all levels. So I have to not be in the healthiest place in order to be attracted to someone like that. Again, I own my feelings and accept that stuff. It’s like, if I’m not in the greatest place, then chances are I’ll seek things that are like that.

Judging Jacobs’ fuck-off eyes, he’s definitely not in the right place…