MJ Hearts HRC

mj for hrc

Marc Jacobs is a wonderful role model for The Gays. Unless of course you remember he smokes (which we definitely don’t approve of) and that he has dated hookers (which, heck, we say ‘go girl’). But seriously Mr. Jacobs is a rare breed. We absolutely adore him.

One reason we love him so is his ability to bring fashion down a few levels. Yes we know we cannot afford a LV tennis bag anytime soon, but we can afford a $20 wallet at his Bleeker street store. His products range from very low end to very high end. Everyone can find something in between.

We also love his political voice. He has for years now created amazing lines of t-shirts, with affordable price tags, for various beneficiaries: Harvey Milk High, Hillary Clinton, Downtown For Democracy, and most recently The Door featuring the face of the one and only Lil’ Kim. We have all of them.

Now MJ is teaming up with the HRC to create a $38 shirt that is the “perfect tee for the activist, fashionista and lover in you.” All proceeds go to the HRC, America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality. We want the tee in every color and love it so much that we almost interrupted and thanked Robert Duffy, Marc’s longtime business partner, while we all dined at Paris Commune the other night. But we were sober so we left him alone.

Marc Jacobs Hearts HRC Tee [HRC]