Gay Designer Bares All...

MJ’s ‘Out’ and Flopping About

Move over Tom Ford, there’s a new designer sex symbol on the block. A studly looking Marc Jacobs appears on Out‘s September issue and let’s just say he’s letting it all hang out.

In addition to appearing nudie on the cover, Mr. MJ opens up about…well, everything, including his much-publicized relationship with former rent boy Jason Preston.

I had a relationship with him, and it was crazy, and sometimes it was a lot of fun, and sometimes it was not a lot of fun, and the biggest frustration was that I wanted him to be something he wasn’t, and I don’t mean on a social level, and I don’t mean about his past or anything like that–I just mean that I wanted to come home and have somebody be available and have conversations and just to be there.

44-year old Jacobs, who designs two eponymous labels and acts as Louis Vuitton’s creative director, recently re-kicked his heroin habit, an addiction that no doubt shot out of his physical insecurities. “I used to really hate seeing my own reflection in the mirror… I just avoided having my picture taken.” Well, Marc, you’re definitely looking drool worthy these days.

For those of you keeping count, Jacobs is the third cover-queer in so many months. If you include Mika, of course, which we do…


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