MLK Has Something To Say About Tim Hardaway

We’ve had a lot of special contributors here at Queerty. Most recently we had Cady Huffman fuming over our comments about her appearance at an HRC dinner. And, of course, who could forget God‘s Oregon-smiting appearance?

While certainly those both deserved the attention they received, neither compares to our latest guest commenter. Not only did he help change American history, fight the good fight for civil rights and spawn a national holiday, but he’s dead! That’s right, folks, apparently our coverage of Tim Hardaway has spurred the one and only Martin Luther King Jr. to send a posthumous message.

The post in question “Hates-The-Gays Gets The All Star Boot” concerned the NBA’s ban against the freshly-outed and overly apologetic homophobe. Apparently it rubbed Mr. King the wrong way, because he doesn’t sound too happy in his comment. Nor does he sound too lucid. We guess being dead for nearly four decade will do that to you:

disliking homosexuality doesnt make anyone a bigot just as disliking racism doesnt make anyone a bigot you can say you were born homosexual or whatever doesnt matter what you say doesnt change fact just as racist people can stay closeted about being racist and no one would know they’re racist homosexuals can stay closeted about being homosexual and no one would know they’re homosexual PROVE ME WRONG FACT IS WHEN IT COMES TO BEING HOMOSEXUAL OR RACIST IF YOU DONT TELL IT OR SHOW IT DONT NOBODY KNOW IT P R O V E M E W R O N G [sic, of course]

You want us to prove you wrong? Okay…

First and foremost, we’re not sure we understand this logic. We suppose not liking “homosexuality” doesn’t make you a bigot, but saying you hate gay people certainly does. As for this comparison between homosexuality and racism – well, that’s just stupid. First of all, homosexuality’s a character trait, while racism’s a political stance. They really don’t reside in the same theoretical realm and, therefore, can’t be compared. Although, yes, we agree that disliking racism doesn’t make you a bigot. In fact, disliking racism makes you the opposite of a bigot.

As for gay people staying in the closet and not being read as gay – that doesn’t work. Sure, it’s certainly possible for certain queers to stay locked up in their socially constructed closet, but there are loads who simply can’t hide their flaming ways. Like us, for example. If we told you we were straight, would you buy it? No, didn’t think so.

But, thanks MLK for making us think. Now, go back to your grave and chill.

(PS: We would have included a picture of MLK, but we figure you guys know what he looks like. Well, we hope so, at least. Also, we didn’t want to tarnish his image with this imposter’s idiocy.)