MN Catholics Are Basically An Arm Of The Anti-Gay Republican Party Now

Fruity dresser and Minnesota Archbishop John Nienstedt sent a letter to every Catholic church in the state asking priests organize an “ad hoc committee” headed by a “church captain” so they can whip up votes to ban marriage equality in 2012. Why should we be worried? Because a similar plan helped pass Proposition 8.

During the battle over Prop 8, conservative California churches:

“built a campaign volunteer structure around both time-honored campaign grassroots tactics of organizing in churches, with a ground-up structure of church captains, precinct captains, zip code supervisors and area directors; and the latest Internet and web-based grassroots tools.”

According to Nienstedt’s plan:

“the church captains will be organized by the Minnesota Catholic Conference, the public policy arm of the Catholic church, which will in turn report to the Minnesota for Marriage coalition for statewide efforts. Minnesota for Marriage is made up of the Minnesota Family Council, MCC and the National Organization for Marriage.

Keep in mind that the Catholic Church has basically teamed up with the Minnesota Family Council, a group that calls homosexuals a bunch of poo-eating, animal-fucking, child-raping queers and the National Organization for Marriage, a group that supports children rotting in orphanages on the taxpayer dime and champions ex-gay therapy even though it has been deemed as mentally harmful by pretty much every professional psychological association in America.

Seeing as only one Republican Senator in Minnesota voted against putting marriage equality on the 2012 ballot, we can safely say that the Catholic Church is simply doing the state GOP’s bidding.

And how is it that the Catholic church has managed to keep its tax-exemption status exactly? Is it us, or does the IRS really not care about that part of the tax code?