MN. Couples Organizing Gay Nup Push

“Copycat” typically counts as a pejorative, but not in this case.

A dedicated group of Minnesota-based homos are pulling a California and filing a lawsuit challenging the state’s ban on gay marriage. Though their numbers are small, they’re hoping to rally the same-sex loving troops:

“We have waited long enough,” says Doug Benson. He and his partner Duane, together for 18 years, are one of the pioneer couples looking to sue the state. “The point we want to make is to make sure equality is pursued wherever we can pursue it.” He continues, “Because we cant sit around waiting for this to happen. We want this to become a reality here at home and we are trying through the courts as well as through the legislature.”

The first steps include finding about 30 couples to get involved in the suit. “We want a critical mass of couples involved,” Doug says. They’ve spoken with a law firm who is willing to take the case.

In order to cover some of the legal expenses, couples signing on should be prepared to pay as much as $1,000. Couples have until August 15 to sign up for the lawsuit.

So far, three have signed up, two of which have Canadian marriage licenses.

Those of you interested in fighting the good, gay fight should email Benson at