MN Gov. Pawlenty: Gays Shouldn’t Have Rights Even After They’re Dead

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who last year signed a bill into law that “protects the homes of surviving same-sex partners from being sold to cover state medical bills,” on Saturday vetoed a bill that would grant the surviving partner of same-sex couples the right to make funeral arrangements. He opted to kill the bill because it is, he says, unnecessary, since gay couples can put those wishes in their wills. It’s also unnecessary because Pawlenty — who’s already on record as regretting signing pro-gay bills — doesn’t want any capital-R Republicans thinking he’s too pro-gay. He’s got a GOP presidential nomination to get to, after all.

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  • Zach

    Can’t wait to see the mental gymnastics that GoProud and GayPatriot undergo in order to once again portray Pawlenty as being “on our side” and worth a vote.

    Folks, there’s not much that can be defended in the Dems’ perpetual cowardice, but keep in mind that while they might throw us under the bus, it’s the Republicans who are driving it in the first place.

  • Lamar

    Straights can leave funeral arrangements in their will too but I bet there is some law that covers them but not us all the same.

  • Andrew

    @Zach: To be fair, state level Dems are often times A LOT more likely to stand up for us.

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