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MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty: Voters Have Every Right To Vote Out Pro-Gay Marriage Supreme Court Justices

If voters don’t agree with a judge’s interpretation of the law, does that give them the right to vote them off the bench? Tim Pawlenty sure thinks so.

The Minnesota governor, who’s not seeking a third term and is floating the idea of a presidential run, has no problem with voters, say, using their pull to remove the Iowa Supreme Court justices whom voted to legalize same-sex marriage in the state. And while it seems pretty horrendous that any voter would remove a sitting justice that chose to end discrimination instead of support it, if the system permits voter-backed dismissals, then yeah, voters should be able to do as they please with their judges even if they’re jerks about it.

But it’s foolish to think Pawlenty is on the right side of this battle: He openly admits he wants to appoint conservative judges who don’t legislate from the bench with their own personal opinions. And while the legal system’s definition of “conservative” and “liberal” differs from the political meanings, you can guess which one Pawlenty really means.

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  • Wait...

    Ugh. This is dumb. People can vote for any reasons they want. If states have elected judges, then voters can vote for or against them, period. If you have an objection to judicial elections generally, that’s fine, but how in the hell was Pawlenty to oppose some set of subjective reasons why voters vote?


    Not ‘zactly sure but it does seem like Pawlenty is looking to appoint *shudder* activist judges!!!

  • Chris

    He’s really going out of his way to be as mean as possible to gays to secure a chance in the presidential race. Pitiful.

  • Queer Supremacist

    He just made the case for martial law.

  • Mark

    Pawlenty’s legacy of hostilities targeting GLBT citizens for discrimination and worse is ugly politics. Bigotry is bad for government and business. He’s the poster boy for appointing activist judges. His politics are focused on division and out of step with most fair-minded Americans. Why do I feel so sleepy?

  • Paul

    I’m from Minnesota and there is a reason some of us call him, Palin-ty.

    He’s trying to out Sarah, Sarah, to appeal to her teabagger followers.

  • GayGOP

    And this is why we need to get rid of elected judges. It’s time to follow Massachusetts and the Federal Government, and give lifetime appointments to judges on “good behaviour.” That means that there really is no way to remove judges except by impeachment.

    This will reduce the politicization of judges, and thus make the court systems more well respected.

  • ewe

    This is more evidence that all publicly elected officials should be required to get an excellent grade in a mandatory constitutional law class for at least one semester before serving the people and ensuring equality for all.

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