MN Marriage-Equality Foes Shriek “What About The CHILDREN?!?” In New Ad

In the latest installment of the “Minnesota Marriage Minute,” an informerical from the reactionaries at Minnesota for Marriage, Kalley Yalta informs us that “the fundamental public purpose of marriage is to provide the ideal environment for children to be raised by the people who brought them into the world.”

Is that so? We asked our straight friends and they don’t remember swearing to have kids before they could get their marriage license. (Our friends who have adopted children weren’t too thrilled with her statement either.)

Could Minnesota for Marriage be—gasp!—redefining marriage? If so, it’s a critical threat to our very civilization. Someone needs to get on that.

Yalta, a former Minneapolis newswoman, also explains that marriage equality “separates the interests of children from the purpose of marriage,” transforming it “from a child-centered institution to one that exists only to satisfy the demands of adults.”

Yes, because gay people don’t have kids, and when we do they’re just accessories. (Just try telling that to our lesbian friends going through early-morning feedings with their twins.)

If this clip turns your stomach like it did ours, there’s an easy remedy: Go to Minnesotans United for all Families and make a donation.

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  • 2eo

    Don’t you dare raise your kids up to respect others and function in society. We will indoctrinate them and makes them loathe themselves and incapable of happiness, like Ann Coulter, a thoroughly pathetic waste of life as are all her ilk and supporters.

  • LaTeesha

    “the fundamental public purpose of marriage is to provide the ideal environment for children to be raised by the people who brought them into the world.”

    Really? Because convicted felons serving life sentences in prison are allowed to marry – the Supreme Court even ruled this is a constitutional right. Is that an ideal environment in which children should be raised. Of course not. This nonsense only gets brought up when the topic is same sex marriage.

  • Little-Kiwi

    some of those kids are going to be gay. we gay people used to be kids, ourselves.

    no matter how anti-gay you are, it will not make you immune from having gay children.

    you don’t get to choose whether or not your child is gay or straight.

    you do get choose whether you’ll be attending your child’s wedding, or your child’s funeral.

    amazing how many bigoted people would seem to prefer the latter.

  • Bruinspride

    You say men can be wives and women can be husbands? Impossibru!(at least physically, but it can be emotionally and symbolically) Do you notice how they use a focus on the family article and two red state, rightist newspapersto prove their point, and even change what they said marriage was about earlier

  • kayakriver


  • sozei


    N.A.M.B.L.A ?

    …those sick guys are always thinkin’ about the children

  • jwrappaport

    Whoops. I meant Maude. Same kinda puritanism, I guess.

  • manxxxx

    Sad. Just plain sad. Trying to convince such shallow, misled, dangerous, child-bearing individuals that we are worthy of equal rights because we are worthy human beings is about as successful as carrying any liquid in a colander or strainer. Best we can do is live by example and please ourselves and those whom we cherish and love, be they partners, parents and other family, or children.

  • EngiNerd

    Is the point of marriage love?

    Yes the number of children born out of wedlock has increased after marriage was “redefined” in the Netherlands…but there already was an increasing trend in both the Netherlands and World Wide.

    If you read the article she shoes in the video it only has to do with single parent vs. having two parents. There is no mention of same-sex couples. Some of the experts say there seems to be a benefit to having biological parents. With modern technology it is possible for a same-sex couple to have biological children (of one of the parents).

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