MN Sen. John Marty’s All-Star Response to NOM’s Fear Campaign

Applause, applause to Minnesota’s State Sen. John Marty, who delivered this response to the National Organization for Marriage’s $200,000 attack on politicos who support marriage equality. We do love it when a politician comes out swinging with little things called facts, like the fact that NOM is engaged in a fear and disinformation campaign, and has no interest in “protecting” marriage.

NOM isn’t “about respecting families and marriage, they’re out preventing other marriages,” says Marty. “They’re the ones who want to impose their will on others.” Marty doesn’t “want to impose gay marriage on anybody. I want people to choose their own partners in life. Frankly, they can’t win at what they do.”

Below, the ad NOM aired with the Minnesota Family Council:

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  • Gorbeh

    Ha I love this guy, he’s fantastic!

  • Cam

    The truth is like bright light on a fungus to NOM. It kills it.

  • Jaroslaw

    I know what to say know. I’ve been trying to think of a nice way to say what he did and now I have it.

    “These people (right wing wackos) can’t stop two women from falling in love, they can’t stop them from living together; they can’t stop them from making a lifelong commitment to each other. What they can do is try to discriminate and prevent them from getting the legal recognition and benefits that everyone else gets.”

    YAY Mr. Marty! Can we get him to change his first name to Sam so then he can be S.Marty!

  • Ty

    Bravo, Senator Marty! I wish you could be my senator… it sucks living in Mississippi, people. You have no idea. :(

  • Lanjier

    If Democrats wouldn’t run from this issue, but actually use it to show patriotism, they would have a winning issue. Marty has the brains to know when to fight. All voters will respect him for this.

  • eagledancer

    Bravo, Senator Marty! I wish you could be my senator… it sucks living in Mississippi, people. You have no idea. :(

    Oh, Ty–I understand your plight–I am an American Indian living in Arizona, where I fear for my safety everytime I walk outside, knowing the police can’t tell the difference between American Indians and illegal immigrants. And if you think about that concept for a moment, your head and heart hurts…

  • Greg

    I love this guy… he is middle america to a T. yet he is an open minding, understanding individual who just wants let people be who they are meant to be. His argument is simple but strong, and frankly, hard to take down.

  • Bill

    It really is so simple, no?

  • Jaroslaw

    #8, Bill – you are right. On a related note though; and everyone on this blog knows this – and most people SAY they know it:

    People who have to dig in so deep into OTHER PEOPLE’s Lives and other people’s business seldom have their OWN BUSINESS in order. Which makes me wonder how they have time to try to control others when they can’t control themselves.

    Or, as Confucious say: People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones at others……..

  • jeffree

    Thumbs up for MN Sen. John Marty! He ++gets++ it right !
    The fierce lawyers opposing Prop 8 in California proved that there are no logical arguments against Same-sex Marriage: economic, psychologic, sociologic OR historic. The stance against SSM is purely based on fundamentalist interpretations of the Old Testament — the, umm, er, pre-Xtian text.

    He’s brave, &fierce, to stand against the fundies’ efforts to turn his state & our nation into a theocracy,.

    If I had two spare dimes or dollar bills to send him, I sure would,

  • AndrewW

    So, this Senator took this stand without being heckled, protested or otherwise embarrassed? No rallies? No demanding? No sit-ins?


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