Chasing Amy

Amy Koch Is No Longer MN Sen Majority Leader, But Her Anti-Marriage-Equality Initiative Lives On

Minnesota has found a replacement for ex-Senate Majority leader Amy Koch, who resigned the leadership position after her adulterous affair with a staffer came to light. The gay community has been duly relishing Koch’s fall from grace earlier this month, since the two-timing GOP politician successfully spearheaded an effort to put an amendment banning same-sex marriage before voters next year.

But the new Republican leader, David Senjem, doesn’t see the irony of the situation—or, at least, he doesn’t care to address it. In an open hearing posted by the Twin Cities Daily Planet, a reporter asks Senjem if he’d reconsider the amendment, especially since the governor has requested it be ditched. “It’s way too early to talk about that,” Senjem responds. “This caucus, and certainly the House, is on record on that [topic]. In my mind… I don’t think we’re ready to consider that right now.”

Senjem seems ready to pick up all of Koch’s policy points and continue where they left off. When asked by Fox 9 News what he’ll do differently from his predecessor Amy Koch, he replied: “Maybe not a lot.”

Here’s a follow-up for Fox 9 to ask: If your wife asked you that question, would the answer be different?