MO. Gay Democrat Win’s State Seat

Even a gay porn scandal couldn’t stop this homo-politico!

Mike Colona took home the top prize during yesterday’s state primary in Missouri, but things didn’t look so certain a few months ago:

…It was his law practice that nearly pulled his campaign apart. When a porn producer contributed to his campaign, Colona admitted to advising him. His role, he said, was limited to ensuring no minors were used in any porn production.

Some voters felt Colona must have been hiding something when several adult websites removed his name as the holder of records. “Resource for parents, so that’s the spin? He works with these companies as a social service? That is a pathetic justification for a whore for hire!!!” wrote an anonymous commenter who listed fifteen websites with Colona’s name as evidence of his participation in the industry.

Despite the scandal, Colona went on to receive endorsements from St. Louis’ Police Officers Association and firefighter unions. Colona faces no Republican opposition and will head straight for the state house, which now boasts three homos. Go gays!