MO Teen Charged As Adult In Attack On Lesbian Neighbor

In July, Queerty reported on the vicious attack on Jeana Terry of Cape Giradeau, MO, who was dragged from her home and kicked and punched by neighborhood teens yelling anti-gay slurs. She was taken to the hospital and treated for a concussion and other injuries.

Now, at least one of the alleged assailants—all siblings under the age of 16—has been charged as an adult in what’s being classified as a hate crime. Mercedes Ayers, 17, allegedly shouted “you want some of this black pussy?”at Terry and threatened to “beat [her] ass,” before engaging in the assault, according to the River Front Times.

Terry and her partner, Lisa Lange, claim the minors had been harassing them for months, and that even speaking to their father had no effect. The teens’ mother, Nancy Harris, denies her children were involved in any wrongdoing: “We don’t care what race, sexuality, color or what you are, we love everybody.”

Yeah, we’ve seen this kind of “love” before—we’ll pass, thanks.