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Moa Beer Will No Longer Claim Light Beers Are For Queers

The makers of Miller Light have already informed us that if we drink any other light beer, we’re a bunch of sissyfags. Now a new marketing campaign from Moa Beer has taken a similar tact aimed at all light beers: you’re a sad little fag if you need fewer calories.

The New Zealand brew planned on running a promotion with gimmicks like free t-shirts that read “Low carb B(Q)eers, Moa Beer — full strength”. A pink “Q” was superimposed over the “B.” I’ll give you a second to figure it out …

Okay, it’s to rewrite the word as queers, dumbass.

Naturally it got any gay with a Facebook account upset, and Moa is pulling the campaign, writing: “Thanks for your feedback on our tees. They were meant to be lighthearted… We asked some of our gay mates and they thought it was funny, but I guess we should’ve asked a few more.”