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Modder who deleted Pride flags from Spider-Man Remastered is “no longer welcome”

Image: Insomniac Games

Less than three days after Sony launched Spider-Man Remastered on PC, a homophobic troll with way too much time on their hands uploaded a mod that removes all the Pride flags from the game. It (unsurprisingly) did not go over too well, and even got the modder banned.

The popular Insomniac Games title, which was until now a PlayStation exclusive, features an open-world recreation of New York City that’s chock-full of intricate details. Several Pride flags are located atop town hall buildings, as well as in the West Village.

With the PC launch comes the chance for players to design and share mods to alter the characters and/or environment, as one user did when he replaced all the rainbow flags with the American flag in a mod titled “Non-Newtonian New York.” Comments on the Nexus Mods page soon flooded in, with a mixture of antigay hate and folks calling out the homophobia.

“Why hasn’t this garbage been taken down and why are the Nexus staff so quiet about it?” questioned one commenter. “I’m starting to think they’re OK with this.”

Luckily, they were not OK with it.

The mod remained live for less than 24 hours. Nexus Mods confirmed to We Got This Covered that ‘Non-Newtonian New York’ has been removed, and that its creator has been banned from the platform.

A spokesperson for the site said that the mod creator “is no longer welcome on Nexus.”

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