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  • foofyjim

    Proving once again the best way to sell clothes is to show naked people near them.

  • leomoore

    He’s within my acceptable range of attraction since he appears to have been breathing at the time, but he’s not the best I’ve seen in A&F.

  • parisinla

    i have seen hotter guys @ a&F… since when do we hate a&f?

  • Scopato

    Never been anything as hot in AF since the Carlson Twins.

    Guess they’re too old in their late 20s but they still ARE AF

  • hells kitchen guy

    He’s the one on the right with the shorter hair, right? … right?

  • KB

    “Since when do we hate them???”””

    How about their racist depictions of minorities on their clothes and their discriminatory employment practices for starters.

    Check out and the Employment Practices & Product Criticism sections of the A&F Wikipedia entry…


    KB, I’m sorry, but from where I stand-as my ethnicity is both Black and White here, i.e. I’m “mixed”-most gay guys do not really care about how non-Whites are depicted, represented, fetishized, and for the most part, at least here in the West Coast, downgraded in attractiveness. If you are White KB, then I commend your viewpoint, but that viewpoint is very much a minority itself, in the gay “community”.

    Like the rest of the gay boys said, KB, since when have they not been for A&F? What makes me upset is when I see obvious minorities wearing A&F gear trying to appeal to their-typically-White brethren. A&F is patronized by so many gay guys that if gays actually did care about these things, they would lose a SERIOUS profit market…they aren’t going to lose it ANY time soon; whoever wrote this ad, gays are NOT united racially, but oh how I wish we were.

  • John

    Well, that’s true. I think the real question is…

    Since when have white gay males cared about “racist depictions of minorities”… or discriminatory employment practices for that matter?

    In many ways, A&F is the perfect product for the gay community. Here’s a company that considers hiring Italians to be introducing “ethnic diversity” in the workplace. Heck…with policies like that, they’re just about ready to open up a gay bar in West Hollywood.


    OH, and I’m not an Obamabot. Hillary has now surpassed Obama in the popular vote, GO HRC! We’re gonna make it Capital HILLary!!!!!! :-)


    Here’s a little something else, y’all don’t know. Once again, I am Black and White, just like Obama. However, I was driven from the Black Church, because it is so openly opposed to gayness that it is without question. What most of America doesn’t know is that there is a deeply rooted idea in the Black Christian community that is totally in opposition to gays and/or any of their plights.

    What you gay Obamaphiles don’t know is that if Obama were to be speaking openly about helping gays, a serious-and I MEAN SERIOUS-number of his Black base would immediately deny and discredit him as a true Christian and even as a true Black male. Trust me when I tell you that Senator Obama knows this very well, and he cannot and will not do anything to lose his strongest, consistent, and loyal base of voters.

    ALso, to the person talking about Repulicans crossing over to vote for Hillary….Ummm, that’s Senator Obama’s stump speech, or don’t you listen to what he says even and just stay in a trance? Remember the term “Obama-cans”? Who was it that coined that term….uhhh, was it the one, the only, the smugly arrogant, Senator Obama! Republicans voting for Senator Clinton, that’s a laugh, they are actually afraid of her making it, and KNOW, it will be FAR harder to drag HRC through the mud than it would be to drag BHO through the mud. And, I don’t want to hear anything about how it’s her fault, please, she’s been kind….oh soooo kind.

    SO, for further reference, you gay Obamaphiles, or gay friendly Obamaphiles, READ both of their stances, take in what I have to say for mine are not just my words, and really think about who, what and why you are supporting the person to whom you’ve devoted your support!



    These are both directly pulled from their websites. If you search Barack’s entire plan for CHANGE, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, lgb, lgbt, etc. There is not ONE single solitary mention of us in there, not ONE.

    Then there are Hillary’s plans, two pages worth of directly discussed information, downloaded directly from her website.

    SO….who cares about us gays? Ummm, I can tell you that Barack isn’t trying very hard to convince anyone that he is, but I guess y’all overlooked that due to the annoying post hypnotic trance under which you all seem to have fallen!


    HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT 2008; and I’ve already applied to be a delegate at the Denver convention in August… Glad to be a Californian, and amazingly proud to be ready to be seated for Senator Hillary Clinton, to become MADAM PRESIDENT HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! America’s first and only female president!

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