Model behavior

Model Troy Pes shares his “hoe pics” with his 300K+ followers

Hoe pics. What are they, who has them, and how can you get your hands on them? Oh, also: are they quantifiably better or worse than merely “hot pics”?

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All these questions will now be answered. Instagram star Troy Pes has shared a cache of photos that features him getting sexy with tacos. Image #5, he says, is “just a hoe pic.”

Scroll through here to see what exactly “a hoe pic” looks like: 

Now that you’re an expert in “hoe pics,” you can compare and contrast the above example against the following control group of decidedly “non-hoe pics”.

The difference is striking:

Feels like everything is gonna start hanging out any minute ?? #tiniest #borrow #swimwear

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In the middle of a FaceTime call with babe like…#baba

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